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Please help me sort my hair out!

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Skivvywoman Fri 04-Apr-14 11:10:26

My hair is naturally curly down to bra strap when straightened just above when curly

I never ever wear it curly I hate curls on myself! So I always straighten it or tie hair up straight

My hair is naturally blonde never dyed it until 3 weeks ago where I got it dyed brown with blonde highlights through it didn't like it so got brown all over!

Now my hair feels in good condition nice and soft but the front is breaking off! Like really badly hmm

I've decided that for next 3 weeks I'm not putting any heat near it but will have to tie it up in a messy top knot bun cause I can't tame these curls!

So what I want to know is

1) what can I put on my hair to stop breaking?

2) will tying it up cause breakage?

3) when I go back to using heat what can I do to stop it breaking?

4) I wish I'd never dyed it now can I go back to normal and will bleach have to be used?

Skivvywoman Fri 04-Apr-14 19:29:49


NuzzleandScratch Fri 04-Apr-14 19:37:29

Well first and foremost, I'd be going back to the salon that did it, as they've clearly cocked up.

You need to get some conditioning treatments on, to restore the moisture and elasticity. You mustn't even contemplate putting heat on it for a good while, as that's very likely to cause further breakage. The same for colouring again, you really need to avoid this for now, as it will only cause further damage on hair that's already weakened. I think you need to go with the curl for a while!

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