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Advice about home facials .

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sugar4eva Thu 03-Apr-14 07:53:28

Have started doing my feet weekly and it's quite blissful
I don't know how to do a home facial or what the purpose is other than clean the skin? For feet it is clear - ie to soften them.
So what is. A facial aiming to do and what cheap ish products can I use please? I have heard that unless facials are done correctly the skin can be dragged ? Don't want worse skin.!
I don't realty have a particular problem to Adress as I have clear skin . It's more mantinance and maybe revitalising ? I'm 50 .

TheSteveMilliband Thu 03-Apr-14 08:04:10

No answers but also interested in any facial advice / recommendations! What do you do to your feet?

LordEmsworth Thu 03-Apr-14 08:34:50

Facials are all about the way you apply products. They should do a number of things:

- Exfoliate, so they get rid of dead skin and debris - so your skin looks clearer
- Massage - boosts blood flow to the surface, so again improves the look and health of skin because of the better circulation
- Moisturise
- Be relaxing! Your face is very expressive, so holds lots of tension from all your facial expressions - relaxing helps release the tension

There's loads of videos of facial self-massage on youtube, and I think Caroline Hirons has directions on her blog too. Use a cleansing oil or gel - I've been using Body Shop Nutriganics (?) gel cleanser and that works really well, but if you do want to treat yourself then Origins Clean Energy is beautiful for facial massage

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