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Replacement product recommendation please...

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JellyBelly10 Wed 02-Apr-14 11:02:15

I've been using Dr Nick Lowe's foaming cleanser (the antibacterial anti-blemish one in the green packaging) for years and love it. seems to really keep my skin clear. However they've discontinued it angry and it's out of stock everywhere as they are 'reformulating' it and changing the packaging which will apparently take 6 months! Why the f* didn't they just leave it as it was!? Anyway, I'm not waiting 6 months and my skin is already looking really rubbish, spotty and grim and I only ran out about 3 weeks ago. So can anyone recommend a good replacement? I have spot-prone skin (even though I'm 46!) and need something anti-bacterial I think. Don't like scrubs with bits in, loved the fact it was foamy. Anyone else found something as good as Dr Nick Lowe's????

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