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Where are all the children's clothes? Don't want to dress my 2 year old like a tiny man.

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CharleyFarnsbarns Wed 02-Apr-14 00:38:29

I have a two year old DS and am struggling to find clothes for his age. I loved H&M baby clothes but they only go up to 18-24 months and the next range is for 1 1/2 years - 10 years. These clothes are a lot more "grown up" and trendy and have lost all the cute animal designs and generally young child feel of the infant range.
I don't want to dress my toddler like he's a little man - he's a child for goodness' sake - and will grow up soon enough.
Why don't shops have a young boys' range? Next boys' clothes are all really trendy and fashionable. How can you fit little chubby thighs in skinny jeans or how would they even be comfy?
I just want simple and practical with some added cute touches, that aren't too pricey.
Does anywhere have the clothes I'm looking for?

staverton Wed 02-Apr-14 00:39:41

Jojomamanbebe. 10% off with MN code but the sales are good

miramar Wed 02-Apr-14 00:58:47

I second jojo.
Little Bird (mothercare) is good. The sizing can be on the small side.
I like sainsbury's trousers (elastic waistband, jersey-lined.) They often have t-shirts with animals or in bright colours, although like Next you have to sift through the older style stuff. Gap can be ok too.

I agree with your comments. There's no need for baby boys to be stuck with dull school uniform colours or be limited to cliches about being "a little monkey"/ "I'm trouble" etc. Don't get me started on skinny jeans etc. I dress my son for comfort and for ease of toilet training (elastic waistbands).

MrsCakesPremonition Wed 02-Apr-14 01:28:37

Sainsburys are good.

The main problem nowadays is grown men dressing like toddlers.

MrsCakesPremonition Wed 02-Apr-14 01:28:44

Sainsburys are good.

The main problem nowadays is grown men dressing like toddlers.

HopelessDei Wed 02-Apr-14 01:54:56

Depending on your budget, The Little White Company is gorgeous. I usually get 20 percent off, there is always a code floating around.

DS has never worn jeans. Cords in winter, cotton chinos the rest of the time.

HappyAsASandboy Wed 02-Apr-14 04:26:31

M&Co do fabulous children's clothes. The sizing comes up a little big IMO, but the quality and design is great.

They've been my go-to place for lined boys trousers for a few years smile

Ardiente Wed 02-Apr-14 05:18:27

Pumpkinpatch are lovely and often run sales

TobyLerone Wed 02-Apr-14 05:30:15

Polarn O.Pyret.

Chottie Wed 02-Apr-14 05:32:17

Larger Boots branches carry a wide range of boys clothes.

ihaveadirtydog Wed 02-Apr-14 06:01:54


Allice Wed 02-Apr-14 06:11:41

I second Boden, also buy from Joules, sainsburys and gap.
Boden is pricey but there is generally always a code and you can sell the clothes on for a reasonable price after.

superzero Wed 02-Apr-14 14:45:02

Have you looked in M&S?They have some lovely baby/toddler things in a range of styles,Autograph more formal and Indigo more fun.
I also like White Company,Boden and have found Asda & Sainsbury's trousers surprisingly good.

mycatlikestwiglets Wed 02-Apr-14 15:53:50

Zara have some lovely boys clothes for under 3s and I also rate Boots. I've been having the exact same problem as you for my 3yo though - all the cutesy stuff seems to stop at age 3 and we're into Ben 10 and skull type shite. I want my little boy to look like a little boy!

enormouse Wed 02-Apr-14 17:22:55

I have to shop around a lot.
Sainsburys is very good and I can get the odd thing from h and m. I tend to dress DS in bright trousers with stripy tops or jumpers. Asda were quite good last over the winter and I bought a few things in a size up.
I then go to eBay for more pricey things.

hotcrosshunny Wed 02-Apr-14 17:24:07

Boots do clothes online.


H&m do have some stuff, you just need to dig around a bit

RichardSharpesLeftKnee Wed 02-Apr-14 17:33:09

I don't like Jools Oliver - but I do want almost everything in the Little Bird range. Lovely stuff.

I've got some nice things from Morrison's/Kiddicare's Nutmeg range, and from Asda.

CharlesRyder Wed 02-Apr-14 17:35:52

I also felt like this and found that different shops would have stuff I liked in different seasons. I couldn't buy anything that has words on it..

DS had stuff from John Lewis, Boden and JoJo depending on who was doing the least 'silly' stuff that season. Some of the Cornish type brands too like Kite Kids and Frugi- Gorgeous Giggles stocks good stuff.

I sometimes splashed out on the scandi brands too like Polarn O and stuff from Barnyard Kids. Pricey but lovely.

Mignonette Wed 02-Apr-14 17:38:08

I so agree with MrsCakes - men do dress like infants especially in (dare I say it?) The States..... shock

I am not a fan of seeing tiny infants in jeans or similar constricting clothes. I imagine what it must be like to sit with a waistband pressing against you, seams rubbing against soft skin and denim creasing underneath you. And you cannot shift position properly nor pull it away from your chubby little creases.

Fukeit Wed 02-Apr-14 19:25:06

John Lewis baby range goes up to 2-3 so have some lovely things.

It's not cheap but Frugi has some lovely boys things.

JoJo is fab.

M&S Autograph range.

Baby Boden (the older stuff isn't so nice for 2yo)

tethersend Wed 02-Apr-14 20:13:49

Tootsamaginty for animal stuff.

5feralloinfruits Wed 02-Apr-14 21:18:01

mini boden and mini club at boots.

hiccupgirl Wed 02-Apr-14 21:59:15

Sainsburys def and M&S.....and Jojo Maman clothes are good but pricy.

It doesn't get better when they're a bit older. My DS is 4 and the boys ranges at places like Next are just dire. It's all marron or navy and inappropriate logos for his age. I get him quite a bit from Gap in the sales as they're toddler boys range goes up to age 5.

CharleyFarnsbarns Wed 02-Apr-14 22:06:19

Thanks for the tips. Seems like there is a bit of a gap in the market. I did love how cheap H&M stuff was and it's cheery and fun, too.

Next kids' dept is like walking through the menswear section that's shrunk.

I found John Lewis came up very small though - how do Boden and JoJo sizes work? I might take a trip to M&S too.

CharleyFarnsbarns Wed 02-Apr-14 22:07:28

Tootsamaginty is lovely plus the Little Bird stuff is nice. Am a sucker for a bit of rainbow detailing!

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