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Please help me style this tube skirt!

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Goldiefawn Tue 01-Apr-14 21:33:57

I have this skirt. I'm 5'3 and 11 and a half stone blush so I am curvy!
I'm a sahm, but am out of the home a few times a month on professional training courses and I like to wear skirts on these occasions!
What can I wear with this? I normally counterbalance by going baggy-ish if my top or bottom half is tight as I don't feel confident wearing tight stuff all over (need to loose the baby weight).
Please help!

Floisme Wed 02-Apr-14 07:08:02

I love my tube skirts! Like you say, I normally go for balance and wear with a loose fitting top e.g. a slouchy, V-necked jumper. I'm also hunting for a boxy shaped crop top although not found the right one yet. (I'm not planning to reveal my belly, I'll wear the skirt high on the waist!). But sometimes I wear it with a fitted, round-necked, buttoned up cardigan, which I like because, although everything's fitted/tight, the cardi gives it a kind of demure look.

There have been quite a few threads on tube skirts which talk about styling so it's worth doing a search.

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