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WWYD re haircut?

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Haahoooo Tue 01-Apr-14 11:30:44

Going to hairdresser tomorrow - first time in about 6 months blush. Trouble is I've no idea what to do with it. Would love some advice!

Here are some relevant details:
- DD 19 months and 36 weeks pg so haircut needs to be low-maintenance and long-lasting
- Hair currently long (down back, shoulder blades level)
- Hair blonde and wavy (both natural) - quite thin but lots of it so heavy
- Face quite sharp / thin
- Wear glasses
- Mid thirties
- At risk of sounding odd: hair growth starts quite low down in neck so prefer to wear hair loose rather than up, and don't want it really short

Key question I guess is to keep it long and just have it tidied up a bit, or go for a slightly more radical change (shoulder length or above). I'm also clueless re all the questions hairdressers typically ask about layers etc...

Thanks so much for getting this far and for any tips thanks

HaveAGoodDay Wed 02-Apr-14 11:14:22

Don't know if this is going to be too late or not but ime, short hair has been harder to style/maintain. Long hair is easier, just tie it back if your in a rush or having a bad hair day.

I really want mine longer, but wrecked it with bleach baths & colours so have chopped about 3 inches of it. It sits justs on my shoulders, so not to short. I can still tie it back. It's so thick. I'd have layers put in but I think on my hair they can look 'messy' & once you have layers you're prone to more split ends!

How about a fringe? I have a medium length one that I can wear two ways - I wear glasses too - some days I blowdry my fringe forward so it's like a full fringe, then sometimes I have it all to the side.

You can also experiment with colour too, but if your not sure, ask your hairdresser first, or just try a one bottle 8 wash semi permanent one so it will wash out & don't go too dark as all home hair colours come out way darker than the colour on the box!hth x

Haahoooo Wed 02-Apr-14 12:01:36

Thank you!

Have just come back and decided to play it safe and keep the hair long for the moment. I think you are right and it is just a bit easier. Interested in the fringe idea - does it require 'styling' every day?

We did discuss a Brazilian blow dry treatment maybe for next time - apparently it would make my hair really easy to handle for up to 6 months??! Sounds promising although no idea when I'm going to find the three hours to have the treatment!

itsbetterthanabox Wed 02-Apr-14 12:07:02

I find bobbed hair the most annoying. Short hair needs styling but it's very quick to style, long hair you can bung up but mid length needs style and the styling is time consuming. I wanna go short but I'm afraid!

HaveAGoodDay Thu 03-Apr-14 12:51:32

Well if you had my fringe, & like it to look neat, you would probably need to style it everyday - but it's either a 30 second quick blast with the hairdryer & barrel brush or if I've got it to the side 10 seconds with the straightener - but once I've done either way it's usually ok the next morning so I don't really have to bother. So sometimes I look neat, then other morning I probably look like I've got bed hair! And the rest of my hair is tied back, it's just so frizzy & thick at the moment, it's driving me nuts!

I've heard about Brazilian blow drys too but couldn't afford one & anyway my hair I think is chemically damaged with all the colours I've put on lately so I don't think it would stand anything else at the moment! But for your hair - google it & see what you think about them, do your research & you can't go far wrong, do you know anyone that's had one done at your hairdressers?

Haahoooo Fri 04-Apr-14 06:29:22

Yes I'll have to do my research on Brazilian blow dries carefully - a quick google reveals some positive things but also some horror stories. And haven't even looked into the price yet.

Will consider a fringe for next te around!

Thank you again

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