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Make up for teen with dry skin please

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Panadbois Mon 31-Mar-14 16:43:23

DD 13, has dry skin which is improving since changing moisturiser this week.
I have come to the conclusion a year too late that she needs sensitive skin make up.

No point in telling me she shouldn't be wearing any, we've had that fight already!

I'm taking her to see GP next week to discuss her dry skin and dreadful dandruff, so thinking of buying her some hypoallergenic makeup as a compromise confidence boost.

Only down side is I'm skint so can't even afford Bodyshop stuff. Any recommendations please ladies? I could stretch to spending £20, but would like a lot for that, not just foundation.

Appreciate your help.

SmashleyHop Mon 31-Mar-14 16:46:27

I have terribly dry skin and use Boots Number 7 night time moisturizer every day. I'd suggest maybe a BB cream too- that way she can feel like she's putting on makeup but it's a bit better for her skin. Drinking a lot of water will help ( I am horrible at remembering to drink- when I do I notice a big difference in my skin)

Panadbois Mon 31-Mar-14 17:05:38

So a BB cream from Lidl will be fine? Thanks btw x

AntoinetteCosway Mon 31-Mar-14 17:09:41

I would avoid anything on the skin-how about mascara and lipgloss instead?

AntoinetteCosway Mon 31-Mar-14 17:10:22

(I used to have really dry skin and there wasn't a foundation/tinted moisturiser/BB cream in the world that didn't make it look worse!)

Panadbois Mon 31-Mar-14 17:18:20

I'm trying to convince her to go make up free one day a week, but it's a battle (she really is a nice girl, and pretty too, but she thinks she knows best)
When she was nominated for a bare faced selfie last week, she refused!

I keep telling her the GP will tell her the same as I keep telling her.

Just had a look on clinique, omg, just can't afford it.

AntoinetteCosway Mon 31-Mar-14 17:21:25

Go with the most moisturising tinted moisturiser you can find then! La Roche Posay do good ones.

Panadbois Mon 31-Mar-14 17:27:40

Will have a look thank you.

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