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Laser hair removal?

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cardamomginger Sun 30-Mar-14 21:05:16

Thinking of getting this for bikini line, but I know NOTHING about it. I've had laser work to remove a tattoo, so I know what it feels like.

How many sessions should I expect to need and at what intervals? What happens after a session - does the hair fall out? What do you do in terms of hair removal between sessions - do you have to do with as full growth as possible to each session? What is a fair price (I'm in North London)? Is it worth it?

I'm going to talk to a couple of places, but I'd like to get views from people who have actually had it.

Thank you!

cardamomginger Sun 30-Mar-14 22:16:39

Hopeful bump??

Puddles1234 Sun 30-Mar-14 22:22:27

I have had everything done and it approx 8 sessions at 6 weekly intervals.

I am dark haired and I had 8 sessions for bikini, legs, arms etc.

cardamomginger Sun 30-Mar-14 22:37:14

Thanks. Do you just let your hair grow in between sessions, or can you shave/etc? Do you have to let it grow before you have it lasered again?

Are you pleased with the results? I'm dark haired as well (with very white skin).

Puddles1234 Sun 30-Mar-14 22:45:07

No you shave between sessions.

No you don't have to let it grow, the laser kills the hair follicle which is still intact as long as you shave.

You cannot wax/pluck/epilate as this removes the hair at the follicle.

You have sessions every 6/8 week intervals to allow the follicle to regrow.

At the end of my sessions I was having the laser hair done at 8 week intervals as the hair wasn't growing at all. You need to have all of the 8 sessions to make sure the hair follicle is completely destroyed.

I have had my face done as well as legs,bikini (Hollywood) and arms and hairline. I forgot to post that before and it's one of the best things I have ever done. No more shaving and always prepared.

cardamomginger Sun 30-Mar-14 22:51:37

Thank you! Glad you are so pleased with the results.

tangledzebra Mon 31-Mar-14 21:53:18

How much did it cost? (nosy)

fififolle Mon 31-Mar-14 22:07:17

I've got a bit of a dim question... Is this 'laser hair removal' te same as 'IPL'? V interested in having it done.

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