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LordPalmerston Sun 30-Mar-14 14:37:22

I agree. they are bloody good. Size WAY WAY DOWN though.
Comfy and a good half way point between skinny and straight/flappy

LordPalmerston Sun 30-Mar-14 14:42:04


LordPalmerston Sun 30-Mar-14 14:42:11

PrimalLass Sun 30-Mar-14 14:45:42

Best jeans ever, for me. I would say only 1 size down though.

LordPalmerston Sun 30-Mar-14 14:46:57

i have the pale distressed and now the " inky' ones

i didnt see they had CREAM ones...

even s1 ( VERY PONCY) approves

HellonHeels Sun 30-Mar-14 15:36:48

These look nice but pretty low rise. Do they stay up?

Daisy75 Sun 30-Mar-14 15:41:17

Sorry to be thick but when you say size way down do you mean buy a size smaller, or they come in smaller?? ..I'm a 12 so do I need a 10 or a 14!

noddyholder Sun 30-Mar-14 15:44:31

Like those shoes with the closed back

buttercrumble Sun 30-Mar-14 15:54:19

Love these have just ordered in the washed black smile

They don't look bad,like the cream ones (oh dear!)

Bunbaker Sun 30-Mar-14 16:05:58

What sort of rise are they?

Shamoy Sun 30-Mar-14 16:13:37

I love those, have 3 colours! I'm a 10 and I have an 8 in them

HellonHeels Sun 30-Mar-14 16:15:19

Daisy I think size down means get a smaller size than you would usually buy.

Dancingqueen17 Sun 30-Mar-14 16:18:50

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LordPalmerston Sun 30-Mar-14 16:56:53

a 10

LordPalmerston Sun 30-Mar-14 16:57:34

cant help with rise as I am super short of waist and they fit me. I also fit Gap trews for the same reason,
Marks ones do up under my embonpoint

LordPalmerston Sun 30-Mar-14 16:58:16

yes i like the shoes noddy - got a pair in zara two years ago, then some in primark last summer, Both ridiculously uncomfy but look aces

LordPalmerston Sun 30-Mar-14 16:58:37

Is this them?

jennifersofia Sun 30-Mar-14 16:58:37

Can you wear them if you are pear shaped? E.g. Waist size 10, hips size 12.

LordPalmerston Sun 30-Mar-14 16:59:40

they are really easy to wear, if that helps. Not tight or restrictive at all.
Dunno - order some and have a go

Bunbaker Sun 30-Mar-14 17:01:11

I want to know as well. I have size 12 hips with a size 10 waist. I am also long waisted, so mid rise is low rise on me and extremely uncomfortable as they cut into me.

LordPalmerston Sun 30-Mar-14 17:02:14

i cant help you there mate, sorry

BelindaAllWorkedOut Sun 30-Mar-14 17:04:00

I tried those sandals - v uncomfortable for me. Now looking at Dune's version as I like Dune.

LordPalmerston Sun 30-Mar-14 17:05:18

i think it is the law Blinners, that style of sandal is always uncomfy, UNLESS Marks do a cool insolia one*

* aware this unlikely

BelindaAllWorkedOut Sun 30-Mar-14 17:08:37

Snorting at idea M&S will come to this party. Dune shoes are comfy for me, though. Just need an ASOS code, then will order them. I wear 8cm high Dune ankle boots w no problem, so am hopeful it will be the same w the sandals.

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