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Boden favourite cardigan?

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ratqueen Sun 30-Mar-14 10:55:15

I always google what you all think of stuff before I buy so wondered what is the view on these? I have two their cashmere ones which I like but are ££££... should I fork out for one or get a cheaper (but still expensive IMO) favourites one? This is my mother's day treat to myself... I ideally want a summery cardigan but that is still warm as I get chilly in my house even when warm outside. The cropped ones are a bit too cropped in my kitchen!


Mumelie Sun 30-Mar-14 11:03:45

I have 4 cropped cashmere cardis from Boden (just ordered another) but only 1 favourite cropped one. In my opinion the cashmere are worth the price. The favourite one bobbled badly and was very thin (from AW13). The bobbling was almost matted so not removable - looked rubbish after a few wears. The cashmere looks great years on.

ratqueen Sun 30-Mar-14 13:06:32

Thanks! Just ordered a cropped cashmere. 40% off so not much more than the fave one anyway!

LoonvanBoon Sun 30-Mar-14 17:13:02

The Spring / Summer favourite cardigans come in a different fabric blend from the Autumn / Winter ones.

Totally agree with Mumelie about the A/W ones - the quality is rubbish & they look horribly bobbled & shabby after a few wears.

The S/S ones are mainly cotton & they do wear & wash well, but I don't tend to get mine out until it's really quite warm. The cashmere ones are much better for this time of year so I think you've made the right decision.

ratqueen Sun 30-Mar-14 18:04:22

Thanks! That is interesting about the different seasons being different quality. I think I will also try a SS favourites cardy when they are better reduced - they seem quite pricey at not much less than the cashmere one I just bought. But for now I def still need warmth I think.

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