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Another Gucci watch question

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Rarathelion Sun 30-Mar-14 10:48:28

Posted before but can't make up my mind, so hope that S&B ladies can help me choose.

I have saved up and would like to buy a designer watch. I really like some of the gucci watches as they are quite small and elegant (IMO).

I had a look at them and now can't make up my mind which of the two in the picture I would get most wear of, '22' (date on the watch) or '29'. Is '22' too flashy or '29' too plain? The shop has put both on hold till Monday so I need to get a move on.

Which one would you choose?
Thank you for indulging me! smile thanks.

SundaySimmons Sun 30-Mar-14 11:12:37

Gucci, Armani etc make fashion watches. You are paying for the name, not the quality of the watch which is cheaply made.

The same money could be spent on a good quality timepiece made by proper watch makers.

Its just cheap tat sold under the guise of a designer brand.

Rarathelion Sun 30-Mar-14 11:21:46

Sunday, that sounds disappointing, are you sure? Apparently the gucci watches are 'Swiss made' so I assumed that they are fashionable as well as excellent quality.

Which watch makes would you recommend that are stylish and long lasting? I have had fossils, skagen etc. but they either just stop working after a couple of years or getting batteries replaced is sometimes half the cost of the original purchase price.

I haven't got cash to throw around so really want to get a great watch for my money confused. I do like the look of the gucci watches but would be p****ed off if they stopped working before too long..

southeastastra Sun 30-Mar-14 11:23:00

i was looking at a nice gucci watch in cash converters yesterday was �80! how much are they new? it was nice though, small and pretty.

SundaySimmons Sun 30-Mar-14 11:36:08

"Gucci or other fashion brand watch costing £500 you gave

the government £83.30
The retailer £150.00
The distributer £50.00
Gucci £140.00
The watch cost £80.00

But its the same with most branded watches.....your buying the name not a decent time piece"

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