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Home hair dye/ highlights?

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catbus Fri 28-Mar-14 22:19:08

Ok, going through quite a shitty time of it, so would like to do something for myself. Thinking of wanting to lighten my hair, but funds limited, and very wary of hairdressers, so would have to be a diy job..
Currently have long, dark blonde hair which is sort of dark strawberry if that helps: has light streaks in due to me wearing it up, mainly.
I would like to lighten it, with something akin to highlights, without the obvious streaks that I often see on women.
I am a complete virgin when it comes to dyeing my hair but I would like that feeling of 'freshness' without looking awful and as natural looking as poss is a must!! Is there anything out there that might do the job?
Go easy on me as am a tad fragile and feeling craggy and crap. TIA smile

catbus Fri 28-Mar-14 23:25:01


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