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Please help me find summer shoes for walking round disney. I hate trainers and want nice sandals.

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pud1 Fri 28-Mar-14 19:34:02

I am trying to find shoes for 2 weeks in Disney.

I suffer with a burning in the balls of my feet that I have been told is Plantar fasciitis. I don't actually think it is but that's a whole other thread. This has left me in shoe hell. I LOVE heels but they are totally out of bounds. I hate trainers. I have seen Skechers mention on these type of threads but I don't like them either.

I think I am trying to find the impossible. I want a nice pair of summer sandals that are very comfy and cushioned.

Please help

CharleyFarnsbarns Fri 28-Mar-14 19:36:46

El Naturalista are soooo comfy...

BarbaraPalmer Fri 28-Mar-14 19:38:17


fugly is the new black, i hear

mimiasovitch Fri 28-Mar-14 19:38:48

I saw some in a landsend catalogue that had a memory foam type sole. Similar to the Skechers type but I preferred how they looked.

MrsCakesPremonition Fri 28-Mar-14 19:42:58

Have you looked at M&S footglove sandals. Some are OK looking and the prices aren't quite so eye watering as elsewhere.

mimiasovitch Fri 28-Mar-14 19:44:51

They have these too with a foam footbed. You'll really want something comfortable - I ended up in trainers. In public. Not at the gym. This was a big deal!

NoArmaniNoPunani Fri 28-Mar-14 19:48:32

How about saltwater sandals?

SwimmingMom Fri 28-Mar-14 19:50:13

Try 'hotter' brand shoes/sandals. They are the comfiest your money can buy.

I have severe foot problems & I spend a lot on getting comfy footwear (not too worried about how they look as am past the fashion stop at the age of 35 already!)

FannyFifer Fri 28-Mar-14 19:51:35

Birkies are great for a lot of foot problems.

How about Crocs, v comfy for walking around all day. [runs]

Chocotrekkie Fri 28-Mar-14 19:52:49

If it is plantar then fit flops were the only ones I could wear with comfort..

rootypig Fri 28-Mar-14 19:53:31

Saltwater Saltwater Saltwater. They are the most comfortable things you will ever put on your feet. And flattering. They'll cost you about £40 here but less than $40 in the US. Oh, and they're designed to be amphibious (hence the name) so perfect for water park and wet rides.

Longdistance Fri 28-Mar-14 20:06:38

Flip flops? thongs. I lived in them in Oz. Very comfortable.

WildThong Fri 28-Mar-14 20:15:35

Gabor sandals are amazing. I got a pair last year for tramping around cobble streets on holiday and it's like walking on puffy marshmallow. I now own 3 pairs different styles. these are next on my list.

buttercrumble Fri 28-Mar-14 20:56:25

How about these

Blueuggboots Fri 28-Mar-14 21:03:20


or these?

or maybe these?

Blueuggboots Fri 28-Mar-14 21:05:04

teva is a very good make and comfy

somuchtosortout Fri 28-Mar-14 21:07:49

Crocs do a nice range and they are great for me (also plantar fascitis).mine have a low wedge heel with a cr
oss cross pattern.

somuchtosortout Fri 28-Mar-14 21:08:15

Cross cross

somuchtosortout Fri 28-Mar-14 21:09:44

Argh! Criss-cross! Bloody phone!

wentshopping Fri 28-Mar-14 21:16:39

I live in the US so I see plenty of people living in trainers all the time - and this is pretty much what all Americans wear around Disney.
I got these last year and they are the most comfortable sandals ever - straight out of the box. I wore them all last week in Disney too.
ecco sandals

Nocomet Fri 28-Mar-14 21:19:54

Those last very simple very exoensive merrell look lovely.

I stomped round Disney in some old Clarks sunseekers? That shape but velcro ajustments on the front too.

DDs wore there crocs.

My sister swears by hotter sandals and has had some relatively tasteful black ones.

pud1 Fri 28-Mar-14 21:21:23

Thanks for the replies

I like the Gabor ones but not sure my poor feet will cope with a wedge.

I am trying to find saltwater but can only find kids

wentshopping Fri 28-Mar-14 21:22:24

I have a pair of the Merrells that Blue mentions, and I find that they do get a bit sweaty after a while.
Disclaimer: I live in a hot part of the US, so wear a lot of sandals with bare feet.
Another vote for Gabor; also Dansko do sandals if you like a clog-like style

Nocomet Fri 28-Mar-14 21:24:07

I really want to try these on

I've had very comfy ecco lace up boots, but their shoes tend to be too wide

SolomanDaisy Fri 28-Mar-14 21:24:26

Fitflops actually cured my plantar fasciitis, but they may not be the look you want.

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