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Max Factor Mascara for x coloured eyes - rubbish or faulty?

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LePetitPrince Fri 28-Mar-14 12:54:46

I've just bought the Max Factor Brightening Mascara for x coloured eyes for £7.99 and am shocked at the quality. First off, there seems to be hardly anything in the container (not opened - it nearly took my nails off to remove the packaging) and the colour is a sludge coloured light brown/grey.

I put it on and you'd hardly notice I was wearing any mascara at all.

Has anyone used this product before - could I have a faulty product?

LlamateurDramatics Fri 28-Mar-14 16:34:16

I bought some today, went looking for waterproof mascara for work and ended up buying one for green eyes instead. I've just tried mine, it takes a good couple of coats to look like you're wearing mascara, not sure about how much is in the tube as I don't buy it that often. I'm not sure whether it does what it's supposed to, to me it just looks like my normal brown mascara but I'll check with DH later whether there's any difference in my eye colour!

Botanicbaby Fri 28-Mar-14 17:47:04

yes I have the plummy coloured one for green eyes. had it for ages and hardly used it. am very disappointed with it. It has a horrible texture, dries too quickly on the lashes and makes them difficult to separate. The colour is not that good and you're right, it seems like there is nothing in the tube. It does not accentuate the eyes at all.

I alternate usually between Benefit bad gal in plum (twice the price) and Max Factor 2000 calorie in black (my staple favourite). I will never deviate from those again.

Botanicbaby Fri 28-Mar-14 17:49:38

sorry meant to say before I posted earlier that as I highly rate one of Max Factor's mascaras, I thought this one would be good. I think you can return it if you bought it at Boots and have a recent receipt.

I wish I'd taken mine back as I thought I had a faulty one too! Oh and before I forget to say, don't buy the plum coloured one in M&S either (its in a white tube). Also useless. So my quest to find cheaper than Benefit Plum is in vain, I think I will give up trying new mascaras in future grin

LePetitPrince Fri 28-Mar-14 20:55:04

Oh good, so it's not me! I'm going to try to return it to Boots. I only bought it today so they can't try to claim that I've used it all already!

What a rubbish product! I hate being "conned" out of money, even if it's not an "expensive" product.

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