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Which mineral foundation

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MildDrPepperAddiction Fri 28-Mar-14 07:16:06

I'm looking for a mineral foundation for my pale, olive toned skin. I usually go for something like a 'warm beige' shade in normal foundation. I'm not looking to spend ££££ either. Any recommendations?

Onesieone Fri 28-Mar-14 07:22:35

I use bare minerals in fair but I'm normally white white with a tinge of blue. I have tried other minerals like l'oreal but they don't go on as well and last no time at all. Ur better getting the bare minerals. Go and get colour matched. Ask for a Sample then go on ebay. There is a girl there selling them for £9.99 a pot. Good luck xsmile

Sillysarah49 Fri 28-Mar-14 07:57:36

I think it will be a matter of trial and error. I absolutely love the L'Oreal - lasts all day (and night!), blends sooo easily and covers blemishes and redness really well. Different skins suit different foundations. I have fairly pale skin but with redness and use Golden Beige.

MildDrPepperAddiction Fri 28-Mar-14 12:40:57

Thanks. I'll try getting colour matched and see how that works. I saw the bare minerals kit in boots for£49 but that's a bit pricey if you're unsure if it will even suit.

Onesieone Fri 28-Mar-14 13:35:14

Well the boots gave me a wee tub of the colour she matched me with. It lasted about two weeks which in the mean time I bout the ebay one for a tenner. There is a lot in the starter kit I wouldn't use.

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