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Vanity sizing and other sizing vaguaries

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JoStrom Thu 27-Mar-14 22:00:04

This is driving me nuts!

eg M&S and Next one size down from true sizing. H&M used to be small sized eg 10 years ago - by about 2012 they seemed generous - now the same size jeans I got there in 2012 (30/34) won't even go up my legs! (I am still the same weight btw!)

So my tip ladies is (if you are tight on time for the changing room ordeal) is to measure your favourite fitting dress/jeans/whatever and take a tape measure with you shopping ready to see if the measurements re replicated or at least damn close (and ignore the label!)!

Laska42 Thu 27-Mar-14 22:33:09

Im usually a size 10/12 and have just bought an Uttam boutique dress from tk maxx labled size 16! (and its a little snug on top ).. I recently have lost nearly 4 stone went from old style sz 20 to something between 10 and 16 it seems..

But what i do know is that i still cannot get back into my old sz 12 'punk rock' era short tartan kilt I kept from the early 90s.. and certainly my 'sz10' jeans are bigger than my old ones were when i was in my teens (im mid 50s BTW)

JoStrom Thu 27-Mar-14 22:41:05

Laska, it seems that obvious vanity sizing aside, sizes have 'shrunk' over the years... 'Old' 12s are smaller than new ones!

TK Maxx have all sorts of imports - your item may be a US garment - US 16 = UK 12!

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