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Recommendations for a non-wired bra for the large of breast

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bunjies Thu 27-Mar-14 15:29:57

I am having real trouble with underwired bras. They have been giving me terrible sores underneath my armpits where they dig in. I think I am a 34F but when I did the bra intervention thing I came out as a 32G. I promptly bought a bra in this size but it was way too big in the cup although fit nicely round my back. So I've gone back to 34F. I think I need to try some non-wired bras so any recommendations would be appreciated. Are M&S ones any good? So far I've been wearing bra tops which aren't very supportive but are very comfortable.

If the 34f fits in the cup then try a 32ff. Not all wires are the same shape -what shape are your breasts? Are they narrow, wide, close or wide set, top or bottom heavy etc? Might be able to suggest something more appropriate.

For non wired, you really won't get the same support but you could try the Freya deco non wired. I'd still try that in the 32ff

bunjies Thu 27-Mar-14 15:40:09

Good call on FF size. Will check out Freya bra. I have not considered their shape before. Errrmm they hang normally. Saggy but not totally pitta like. Bottom heavy i think. not too close or too wide apart.

Do you have breast tissue round under your arms, or all upfront?

SpringyReframed Thu 27-Mar-14 16:30:02

OP I have this bra x2 No wires in sight.

I bought the first one for doing Yoga and Pilates but I bloody love it, and now have two and when I'm doing anything active like gardening or decorating I wear one. The are sooo comfy and a total antidote to being trussed up. They are a bit mono boob as you would expect but I like how they look under a t shirt and feel small of boob when I have them on, which is a bloody nice change.

I am a 32ff as deemed by Bravissimo and have these bras in 34d. That is probably wrong but thats how I like them and bought the first before I read the Bra Interventionists and went to Bravissimo!

bunjies Thu 27-Mar-14 21:57:19

I really like the look of the Freya. Sorry Springy the sports bra is a bit too...well...sporty grin.

How do I know if I've got breast tissue under my arms. It all feels like fat to me.

I find it easiest to lean forward and then feel where they are attached. But armpit fat is often boob and goes in the bra

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