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Please help me with the Caroline Hirons routine !!

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mumtosp Wed 26-Mar-14 21:52:45

Hi all,

Thanks to you lovely ladies I have recently discovered Caroline Hiron's blog. Now I know not everyone over here agrees with her, but I am keen to atleast give it a shot as my skin does need some care...
So here are my questions...

She talks about using an oil for pre-cleanse followed by a cleansing balm. But then she also mentions a cleansing milk... so how do I use these ! If I clean my face with almond oil, is that a pre-cleanse or is that equal to a cleansing balm ??

Can you recommend a good milk cleanser please...

Would you classify the superdrug radiance cleanser as balm or milk?

Will pure rose water be a good hydrating toner or do I need to buy something more specific?

TIA smile (I'm sure I am going to think of more questions !!)

QuinnFabray Wed 26-Mar-14 22:57:43

That sounds very complicated and expensive using several different products to do one job! I do read and like Caroline Hirons though, but only take from her what suits me. I think the main point is that you should double cleanse, especially if you wear make-up ( that's where the pre-cleansing comes in ). I just use one cleanser to do it both times. I don't think it really matters I'd you use a balm or a cream, whichever you prefer. I love the Una Brennan rose cream cleanser. Use a blob smeared all over to clean off make up, wipe with warm flannel, then another blob smeared over makeup-less face. In the morning I just do a single cleanse with Clinique facial soap ( I have a feeling Caroline would disapprove of that ) as I don't have make up to clean off.

mumtosp Thu 27-Mar-14 07:46:37

Thanks smile

lurkingfromhome Thu 27-Mar-14 11:12:10

I like CH too. Like Quinn, I only do the double cleanse in the evening, when I've been wearing make-up. I use La-Roche Posay (non-foaming) gel cleanser morning and evening, plus Ren hot cloth cleanser (a thick cream balm) in the evening after the first cleanse.

I don't think you need to be too precise about balm/cream/milk. It's just that the first cleanse should be with a product that will really get every scrap of make-up off, then the second cleanse is more for deep cleansing. I can't see any reason why you shouldn't use the same product and just cleanse your skin twice, though.

lisam78 Fri 28-Mar-14 12:49:18

I started reading CH blog a fortnight ago, and I have noticed a considerable improvement in my skin (I actually thought my skin was ok, and am very impressed with how it's looking now.).

I use the Una Brennan Superfacialist Vit C oil as a pre-cleanse in the evening. Then I use the Boots Botanics cleansing balm-it's lovely, I would love to try the Emma Hardie one that Caroline recommends, but will wait until next months payday before splurging. After that I use the PixiGlow acid cleanser, followed by hyrdraluron (amazing), and a vitamin e moisturiser.

In the morning, I use the Boots Botanics brightening skin cleansing milk, followed by hyrdraluron then moisturiser.

As I say, it's only been two weeks, but it's definitely working for me so I will stick with it. Boots has 3 for 2 on at the moment, and Hydraluron is £16, as opposed to the regular £24, so it's a good time to buy. Personally that is the most I would pay for anything skincare related.

Good luck!

MotherBluestocking Fri 28-Mar-14 17:37:15

I think the point is to do one cleanse to take off your make-up, and then a second deeper cleanse to get rid of dead skin cells etc. CH is big on using a variety of products, though to be honest I'm not sure how more sensitive skins would cope with being bombarded with a great range of stuff. I think it's quite nice to have a heavier balm cleanser and a lighter milk to choose from, though by no means essential.

Basically a balm is solid/waxy (like old-fashioned furniture polish); a milk is liquid and, well, milky. I've been using Ren's Hydra-Calm cleansing milk recently, which is a lovely gentle milk and highly recommended.

Not sure about hydrating qualities of pure rose water, though I'm a bit sceptical about hydrating toners generally. I use Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist, more because it feels gorgeous than from any innate conviction as to its benefits. Up to you whether you continue with your rosewater or buy a more targeted product.

The CH regime is great for product junkies (like, er, me) who love a complicated system with lots of different lotions, potions, unguents and tinctures. I suspect, though, there are more streamlined regimes (using eg micellar waters and skipping toners) which are perfectly effective.


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