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Need a SPF50 sunscreen for my face

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MyFabulousBoys Mon 24-Mar-14 21:19:18

Any recommendations please?

I have combination skin which can look greasy very easily.

I rarely wear makeup. I will also be putting it in my décolleté and wear white tee shirts so it would be great if it didn't turn the edges yellow as all the sunscreens I have tried seem to!

At the moment I am using my DC's sun cream! Long lasting coverage necessary too. Don't want to reapply every hour.

Am I asking for the moon on a stick?

Thank you! thanks

70isaLimitNotaTarget Mon 24-Mar-14 22:20:36

Ultrasun Anti-Ageing.
They do a 30 and a 50 for the face (and loads of other factors for body)
They sell it in John Lewis and Waitrose but have a look on QVC

(30 Day Money Back Guarentee)

I use Face 30 SPF as a moisturiser in summer

McNally Tue 25-Mar-14 00:31:15

I have combination skin and use Obagi Sun Shield. It is matte and I wear make up on top. It is pretty pricey though so would love to find something as good for less.

angeltulips Tue 25-Mar-14 00:36:01

Neurogena ultra sheer. It's the best! Comes in 30 and 50 plus - and there's also a body spray that's awesome.

Before j got onto that I used piz buin as is PABA free.

angeltulips Tue 25-Mar-14 00:36:41

* neutrogena

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