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Graduation - argh! Help please?

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SunnySpellsInBetween Mon 24-Mar-14 13:48:52

Right. I hate shopping, not interested in clothes. I graduate (very) soon and need an outfit. Really don't want to do a dress or skirt, so looking for something to wear on my top-half with black trousers.
But what? Jacket? Shirt? My graduation gown is going to be black with a bit of blue and gold. Do I co-ordinate? What would clash? Plain or multi coloured?
I was going to go for white but I hate that all white shirts these days are see-through.
Please help me. I need high street as I am an awkward shape so will need to try on. Tell me where to go and what to buy! This is stressing me out....

slug Mon 24-Mar-14 14:55:59

Don't worry about clashing. Everyone does it. Wear something you feel comfortable in because the ceremonies take a long time. Unless you are confident in them I would advise against wearing high heels. During any given graduation ceremony (and I work 2 of these a day, 3 days of the year) I see women dressed in:
Business suits
Japanese Kimonos
Korean traditional dress
Dresses that wouldn't look out of place in The Only Way is Essex
Jeans and T shirts
African dresses (The Nigerian women always look impressive)
Fancy dress costume (We had a duck outfit one year, I still don't know why, a bet perhaps?)
Tiny skirts and the sort of heels that make them look like Bambi tripping across the stage

You will be wearing robes that cover most of it. Wear something with a strong anchor point for the hood. If you don't tether them down somehow they have a habit of slipping back and throttling you. A shirt with buttons is not good enough for this Every year we see women tripping across the stage with their shirt pulled out of their waistband by the hoods. If in doubt use a safety pin or two.

VarsityQueen Mon 24-Mar-14 15:02:42

I work in a university and have attended many a graduation ceremony. I think the less fussy the outfit the better, especially as it's mostly covered up by the gown which will add the pomp and circumstance for you. You don't need something as formal as a shirt or a jacket (once you pick up the gown), I'd suggest something like a shell top. A jacket is probably too hot for during the ceremony as well. This is from Wallis, clearly a bit see through but with a nude bra would be OK, this sort of style would look very neat and you could just wear a cardigan before and after the gown.

SunnySpellsInBetween Tue 25-Mar-14 12:03:04

Thanks so much both of you. I went out this morning and came back with a top! Could I PM you with a link so you can give me your verdict please? smile

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