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Ball gown?

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frillyflower Sun 23-Mar-14 21:02:36

Hello style gurus I have been invited to a ball in Oxford this summer.

I a wondering if I can wear this long gold skirt as it's the only long thing I own and I am pretty sure this is the only ball I am going to.

I bought it 5 years ago. Is it hideous? If not and I can wear it do you have any advice about a suitable top - I have up to £200 and need to cover my upper arms.

Also, could I wear gold ballet pumps - don't do heels.

Puddles1234 Sun 23-Mar-14 22:43:53

If it is a ball you will have to wear a ball gown. I don't think that skirt would acceptable.

What does your invite say regarding dress code?

Nocomet Sun 23-Mar-14 22:52:05

House of Frasier. Cavendish House in Cheltneham arent bad.

I'm certain there will be several places in Oxford given university balks, ask any academic DF.

Slipshodsibyl Sun 23-Mar-14 22:54:58

Is it a College ball?

LittleBearPad Sun 23-Mar-14 23:06:00

I assume it is a college ball.

Flat shoes will be fine and much better for the dodgems etc.

What is the dress code - black tie, I think your skirt will be ok if you dress up the top bit a fair bit.

If it's white tie then you may need to go the full hog.

Eastpoint Sun 23-Mar-14 23:11:16

If you put a black silk bustier with that skirt it will look enough like a dress & then you could wear black ballet pumps. People wear a broad range of outfits even at black & white tie events. I remember wearing a snakeskin puffball dress (probably polyester) to a college ball (1986) & being really pleased I hadn't worn a silk dress as someone spilled a pint of beer down my back & it didn't matter a jot. PS I have been to black tie events at colleges since.

Slipshodsibyl Sun 23-Mar-14 23:16:19

I agree that it will be fine at a College Ball with a nice top and flat shoes are better on the uneven surfaces.

BecauseIsaidS0 Sun 23-Mar-14 23:23:39

If it is a college ball, you don't need a ball gown. Dress it up a bit and you will be fine.

frillyflower Mon 24-Mar-14 04:30:29

Thanks very much for your replies.

It is a college ball. It's white tie but if i don't wear the long skirt I am going to buy a cocktail length dress as I really don't like long dresses.
I know at least one other person going who is wearing a cocktail sort of dress.

Perhaps I will get a style advisor session at john lewis or somewhere for the top half of my outfit.

BecauseIsaidS0 Mon 24-Mar-14 05:14:42

Ok so I will admit that the last time I went to a May Ball I was a student, but the first year I went I wore a cocktail dress. The second time I went I wore a long dress, but it wasn't a ball gown. I didn't stick out - tons of students dressed similarly. In fact, students wearing ball gowns were in the minority (and my second year I went to one at one of the big colleges at Cambridge).

Slipshodsibyl Mon 24-Mar-14 07:20:40

A short cocktail dress is also fine if that's what you prefer.

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