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Totally lost my way and I hate shopping!

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EarSlaps Sun 23-Mar-14 17:17:16

I need nearly a whole new spring summer wardrobe as I am a couple of sizes smaller than before but I feel utterly lost! I don't enjoy shopping, I have no patience for trawling through hundreds of pages of stuff online, I tried Dressipi and don't like the suggestions. I feel condemned to be frumpy mum as I have no idea what suits me and stuff I like just looks a bit crap.

I'm 8-10, 5ft6ish, no hips or boobs (34.5-28-36 I think), long torso, stumpy legs and quite wide shoulders. There might still be a bikini shot on my profile (post finishing Jillian's Six Week Six Pack smile). At the moment I'm wearing the SAHM uniform of skinnies and a tight jumper or tunic. I'm quite happy in winter wear but no idea of what to wear for summer.

I have a 4.9yo and a nearly 2 year old, so I spend a lot of time getting grubby or climbing up things to rescue an adventurous toddler. Therefore everything needs to machine wash and not flash my pants.

All the shops I go in seem too old and posh or too young for me. I'm fed up of White Stuff, a bit bored of Fat Face etc etc.

Any suggestions for where the hell to start!

EarSlaps Sun 23-Mar-14 17:17:50

Oh, and I'm 34.

MyRealNamesBernard Sun 23-Mar-14 17:53:02

Have you tried Gap, H&M, Warehouse and Asos? I also hate shopping (but love clothes), am a size 10 like you and age 36 and I am pretty comfortable with those shops. Banana Republic is also worth a look - a more expensive version of Gap, but I have found some fantastic quality items there that have passed the toddler test but also look crisp and new months later.

I have started searching for outfit ideas on Pinterest. Then when I get an idea of a look I like I google the items that make up the look - eg: "straight leg jeans" or "spotty shirt" and that usually takes you to some online shops stocking those items. Much easier than trawling around the shops if you can't be arsed with shopping.

footballagain Sun 23-Mar-14 18:07:36

Use a personal shopper at a large department store, they are usually free.

EarSlaps Sun 23-Mar-14 19:04:18

I used to love Gap, but I've been a bit meh about everything in there recently. I only venture in there when it's the 30% off time and usually get loads in BabyGap, jeans for DH and zilch for me. I'd like to try Banana Republic, thanks for the idea.

H&M scares me a bit, I find it hard to get past the jumble sale appearance and inability to navigate round with a pushchair. I do see some nice bits though. Is delivery any good?

I went in a Warehouse for the first time in years the other day and they were blasting out some really crap music so I walked straight out. I am turning into my mother!

Must make more of an effort with ASOS as they have so much stuff, including Esprit which I often like and New Look which can be pretty good (especially the jeans).

I'll definitely try Pinterest, great idea. Then I can show the stuff I like to the personal shopper. I must stop dithering and make an appointment. I was thinking House of Fraser? They seem to have a bigger range of younger stuff than John Lewis. John Lewis used to be great when I was into White Stuff but I don't need the covering your tummy stuff they seem to specialise in now I've worked so bloody hard to lose it!

Thanks smile.

MyRealNamesBernard Mon 24-Mar-14 11:24:58

Yes, I totally know what you mean about the jumble sale that is H&M. I used to have the time and patience for sifting through it all Before Children but not any more.... I tend to buy online, although sometimes it can take aaaaages to arrive.

Asos is better on delivery - like you, I tend to use it for branded stuff. There is so much on there and you can filter it to find quite specific items.

Good luck with the personal shopping! I reckon you could be on to a winner with HoF. I have trouble dressing for Spring/summer.... It's so hard in this country as it can be freezing when you leave the house in the morning then boiling by midday!

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