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This new way of measuring for bras- just checking I have it right.

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peachysweet Sat 22-Mar-14 19:32:14

I recently posted my measurements on one of the bra threads and was told to go down 1-2 sizes in the band (from a 32 to a 28, possibly 30). I have tried on quite a few bras from Bravissimo since then (online delivery as no store nearby).
I can do up the bras and they don't feel uncomfortable, although a lot tighter than I am used to. However, they do seem to make any excess skin/ fat stand out as it looks squashed. I am slim (size 8) and while not athletic, I'm certainly not flabby or untoned. The tight band seems to be accentuating any fat that I do have by squeezing it!

You need to scoopsmile It's basically a case of repositioning that in to the band.

Stand side on to a mirror (with the bra on), and lean forward a bit. Then, take your left hand, put it inside your right cup and reach round as far as you can towards your back/armpit. Pull all the excess skin/flab forward in to the cup, which will smooth out the back. Repeat on the other side

Repositioning it in to the bra I meant!

peachysweet Sun 23-Mar-14 00:00:51

Thank you. I will try that! I think I needed a cup size up in most of the bras I tried anyway so will need to retry and scoop!

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