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naked 3 pallette - big disappointment!

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AuntieMaggie Fri 21-Mar-14 17:22:55

I just bought the naked 3 pallette and was really excited about tge lovely peachy pinky colours but its turned out to be a big disappointment - the colours don't really show up when I apply them and the glittery shades are so loose they don't apply very well and just fall off! Am I the only one this has happened to?

Crutchlow35 Fri 21-Mar-14 17:26:49

I had this with one which I gave away and two which I was persuaded to buy and took back. I don't get the product at all.

AuntieMaggie Fri 21-Mar-14 17:41:14

Had you used it when you took it back? I'm thinking about taking it back and showing them how crap it is.

I also have the first one which I love but this one is just disappointing.

LaTrucha Fri 21-Mar-14 17:57:09

sad I was thinking of buying that for myself for a treat. Sorry you have been disappointed, but thanks for the warning.

Crutchlow35 Fri 21-Mar-14 19:26:01

Yes. I was stopped by the girl in debenhams who raved about the second one. Told her I wasn't impressed by the first and that I gave it away. She persuaded me. Got it home and tried it out to find it was rubbish so took it back to her.

Snatchoo Fri 21-Mar-14 22:32:49

I LOVE mine!

Every colour suits my skin to a tee. I've used it almost every day since I got it at Christmas.

I love mine too. The trick with the glittery ones is to pat them on with the flat side of the brush so they don't drop everywhere.

AuntieMaggie Fri 21-Mar-14 23:15:28

See being a fair blonde these colours should be perfect for me but they don't seem to come out as pretty as they imply.

Really snatchoo and statisticallychallenged? Even dust which looks like it should be really pretty but just doesn't stick? How are you applying them?

I use one of the matt ones first all over - always a good idea with glittery eyeshadow as it helps them stick better. I used the palette last week to do a friends make up for a wedding, off the top of my head I think I used:

Liar - all over, just a light "wash" applied with the fatter end of the brush
Buzz - use the smaller end, and pat the flat of the brush on to the powder and apply it to the eyelid like that: don't rub or sweep the brush, just gently push it on to your eyelid with the flat side of the brush. I used this all over the eyelid i.e. on the bit that's directly on top of eyeball!
Mugshot - outer corner and crease of the eyelid

I then blend these quite well , I have another urban decay brush which has a longer end like this which I use for this.

I then used a little bit of darkside just on the very outside corner - literally patted a dot of it at the bottom outside corner of the eyelid, and blended.

I also used them very lightly under the eye almost as a liner which works really well.

Once this was all really well blended, I then used dust as a highlight on the inner corner of the eyelid, again patting it on.

I think the key is that these aren't shadows to sweep on.

I can try to do my eyes with it later and take a picture if you want?

AuntieMaggie Sat 22-Mar-14 09:43:14

Thanks that would be good smile

This is meant to be a fairly soft day look -I could easily go smokier. I'm no expert though

AuntieMaggie Sat 22-Mar-14 20:00:35

Thanks statistically smile

I guess I was expecting the colours to not be as soft when applied if that makes sense...

Strangely it's come out lighter in the photo - damn cameraphone!

Dappydongle Sun 23-Mar-14 18:18:31

Which is the best naked for pale skin?

TBH I think they are probably all good for pale. I'm very pale (see above!), and I have 1 and 3 but would quite like 2 as well. 1 is more browny/golden tones, 2 is more taupes, and 3 is more pinky. I think 3 is paler than 1 but they're quite flexible

Amethyst24 Sun 23-Mar-14 23:06:57

I dithered for ages between 1 and 2 (paleish skin, greenish-hazel eyes) and went for 2 in the end.

goodasitgets Sun 23-Mar-14 23:08:39

If you're getting fall out from the glitter ones, try dampening your brush. Or get a neutral cream eyeshadow (maybelline do some) and put that on - if you then pat the eyeshadow on when it's still cream and not set, it grips to it

AuntieMaggie Mon 24-Mar-14 13:26:51

This morning I put it on using my finger after thinking "i want it to look how it does when I put in on my hand" which was better but dust still doesnt come out as nice which is a real shame as its such a pretty colour. So if you know of an eyeshadow that is that colour let me know.

Could you try putting the white one - name escapes me but the very first one -on underneath dust? Might improve the intensity

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Mon 24-Mar-14 14:38:24

I was disappointed with the naked 2, hardly used it at all. 1 was amazing though and I have scrubbed the shadows down to the metal grin

AuntieMaggie Mon 24-Mar-14 17:21:19

Already tried that but thanks for yhe suggedtion stastically

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