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Melting make up!

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Whatfun Fri 21-Mar-14 16:19:05

I'm 52 and love make up.
Yesterday I went out somewhere important and wanted my make up to last.

I spent ages putting it on. Lots of thin layers of everything, all sealed in with loose powder.
I looked in the mirror after a couple of hours, no make up apart from a lovely smudgey panda eye. Nice!
What an earth am I doing wrong? These are the products I used:
Nivea. Primer
Dr Jart premium BB cream
Clinique powder
Maybelline cream blush
Nars blusher
NYX shadow fix
Benefit cream eyeshadow
Bobbi Brown powder shadow
Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner
Rimmel waterproof mascara
No7 lip liner
Chanel lipstick

I have dry skin with a slightly greasy t zone.

floppyfanjo Fri 21-Mar-14 16:47:43

Try a different primer and perhaps a longer lasting foundation such as EL double wear light.

I use a setting spray (urban decay) and find that also helps.

Do you leave your moisturizer to sink in ? It needs a good few minutes not seconds.

TravelinColour Fri 21-Mar-14 16:52:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Whatfun Fri 21-Mar-14 17:09:04

I do leave a good ten minutes or more between moisturiser and primer.
I will try a different foundation.
Why does my mascara and blusher come off?
Is the UD fixing spray worth the money?

TravelinColour Fri 21-Mar-14 17:29:07

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SchroSawMargeryDaw Fri 21-Mar-14 17:32:26

Mines melts! I hate it. Thick foundation should help.

frankietwospots Fri 21-Mar-14 17:56:39

My recent revelation has been to apply Laura Mercier Silk Creme foundation (they give generous samples for you to try) with the Real Techniques stippling brush (from Boots or Superdrug). Amazing long lasting coverage. I use Bobbi Brown powder blush so not sure how cream blush would be. I find cream blush slides off my face. Try Max Factor 2000 Calorie mascara.

hashtagwhatever Fri 21-Mar-14 18:08:14

It is probably the bb crem, I cant use it myself as after an hour or so its non existent my skin swallows it up.

Maybe a matt foundation wouldbe better?

hashtagwhatever Fri 21-Mar-14 18:09:07

Another trick is a fine mist of hairspray apparently

Whatfun Fri 21-Mar-14 18:27:29

I've never heard of trying hairspray. It could be interesting!

Frankie, I use powder blusher AND cream blusher. Still slide off though.

I think the base maybe the key. Is Doublewear light as long lasting as the original DW?

itsbetterthanabox Fri 21-Mar-14 19:16:24

You probably have oilier skin than you think. Try powder as opposed to cream products.
Primer, mineral powder foundation, powder blush and setting powder.
Makeup setting sprays are good too.
Powder the whole eye area and get a good eye primer. I find no 7 eyeliner very long wearing. Mascara I can't help with I get smudges no matter what I use! A Tubing mascara won't smudge and I loved it but they flake slightly which is horrible as a contact lenses wearer. If you don't wear lenses try one! It's the best kind.
Try not to touch your face. I do it without thinking and end up rubbing makeup off confused

Ilovecoodomol Fri 21-Mar-14 19:40:12

Maybelline 24-hours tatoo (eyeshadow) was a lifesaver last summer working in a hot stick office with broken air conditioning. It is a cream but dries quickly to a lovely finish and stays put. The only thing about it is it can dry up in the pot, I didn't get the full use of it but it is well priced. A matt foundation may be of use, I wouldn't normally recommend an oil free unless people have genuinely oily skin, but in your case it may help. Boots etc should give you free samples to try, Clarins and Estee lauder do some good ones.

Whatfun Fri 21-Mar-14 20:04:37

Thank you all for your replies.
I think I do touch my face a lot. I was in meetings all day yesterday and I have a habit of resting my chin in my hands. Foundation and lipstick don't stand a chance. Also lean my face on my hand. Bye bye blusher!
I will try all your suggestions.

Btw, how do I know which are 'tubing'mascaras?

frankietwospots Fri 21-Mar-14 21:26:25

I find that using my mobile phone rubs off blusher too!

itsbetterthanabox Fri 21-Mar-14 22:48:22 this is a tubing mascara. So is the blinc one that mnetters rave about!

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