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Babyliss Bighair

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MeAuldSegotia Fri 21-Mar-14 07:18:54

Does anyone have this? Is it any good? My hair is very flat on the top of my head and I was wondering if this would help give it some body or volume? Tx

SoldeInvierno Fri 21-Mar-14 07:22:28

I have it and it can do exactly what you describe. Unfortunatelly it also accentuates my frizz so I don't use it much

burnishedsilver Fri 21-Mar-14 09:00:56

Love, love, love it.

It gave me root lift when my hair was in a short bob. Its long now so it does nothing for the roots but leaves it lovely and smooth, like a professional blow dry. I can still get decent root lift if I use it with John Frieda root lift spray.

I've raved about bbh to a few people who tried it and hated it.

higgle Fri 21-Mar-14 10:33:25

Now I know how to use it to good effect I'm a great fan. To begin with I was too gently and didn't pull the hair away from my head or use it for long enough. My slightly below chin length bob is about the shortest you could use it on. I put the top half in a band and dry the bottom, then move on to the top. I put a large Velcro roller in my fringe while I do the rest and then just smooth that down a bit when I've finished. It is now easy peasy to look as if I've just come out of the hairdressers every morning.

Hopasholic Fri 21-Mar-14 15:17:03

Love mine! I have long bra strap length hair and it makes lovely bouncy curls (hair is naturally curly/frizzy) need to go over the very top layer afterwards with GHD's to smooth out any stray frizzy bits.
Takes a bit of getting used to, if you buy one practice on dry hair first to get a feel for the rotating brush.

Romcom Fri 21-Mar-14 17:28:08

Hopsaholic I'm interested that it works in long hair, mine is also down to mid back (below boobs at front) do you think it would work on my long thick hair and do you have the 50mm one? TIA!

Hopasholic Fri 21-Mar-14 23:36:19

Mines not quite as long as yours Romcom and I do have layers in it, but I don't think you'd have a problem. I do have the 50mm one. Just make sure your hair is 80% dry before you start or you'll be there all day smile

Word of warning, keep the box and receipt. Mine broke down last week, I'd had it 16 months and it only came with a 12 months guarantee when I bought it ( they now offer 3 years though)

Amazon couldn't help so I figured I had nothing to lose and emailed babyliss stating that I should 'reasonably expect it to last longer' they said they'd advise me of their service charge to fix it, so i sent it back and they're replacing it for free with the new model grin

I tried the tressemme one in the meantime (only £20) as I honestly didn't think babyliss would replace, the tressemme lasted twice and it doesn't rotate so no good for long hair as you can't move it as you dry your hair.

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