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Weekend away with mil stress

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belleprof Thu 20-Mar-14 22:11:37

Hello I've been reading S&b with great interest since I found it last week. I'm definitely in need of an intervention! I've a V critical MIL to deal with for next three days for her 60th birthday weekend away. Here are the outfits I've planned after two hrs in the bedroom (sigh) ..

Tmw - travel to hotel after half day in work teaching. Wearing black fitted quilted jacket with hood, black skinny jeans (unfortunately a bit loose, would leggings be better?) , black and off white oversize sweater, tan flat riding boots, tan leather bag.... Tan boots ok with black clothes??

Tmw night ... H&m dark grey and black (v subtle) animal print skinnies, top shop black wedge ankle boots, black high neck lace top with chiffon sleeves

Sat.... navy white and pink cashmere striped sweater, navy skinnies, tan boots

Sat night ....ancient blk satin peplum skirt and short sleeved black sweater (v flattering) opaque tights and heels

Sun black skinnies, ivory and black leopard print pumps, ivory lace sweat top with black vest underneath
I'm 39 v skinny and tired looking and need to be able to bf in all outfits!

frankietwospots Thu 20-Mar-14 22:21:45

Wow, impressed that you have planned to that level of detail! The only thing I would say is that if you are looking tired, then too much black might not do you any favours unless you balance it out with a nice pop of blusher and/or lipstick, and maybe add a necklace to break things up.

Tan boots sound fine with a black outfit btw. Will you have time to do your nails? A nice vibrant pink should chime with all of those outfits. Revlon are great for nail polish.

Brillenbar Thu 20-Mar-14 22:31:42

I think they all sound lovely, elegant, understated, stylish. I agree that maybe some blusher if you think you look tired. Maybe a big scarf to cover up bf-ing if your mil's disapproval runs in that direction too. Otherwise, please try and enjoy the time away.

belleprof Thu 20-Mar-14 22:43:47

Yes prob a bit too much black there so will defo be slapping on the blusher! And gonna do nails now in a nice bright pink as suggested frankietwospots ! No necklace I own will really go the black tops..... Might try to grab a new bronzer on way to hotel to give me that lift... Or a new lipstick. Yes I think bfing a toddler freaks her and others out so I will be trying to be as discreet as poss and throw my scarf with butterflies in the case too (v mumsy according to recent thread smile) thanks for the feedback and plan to enjoy myself and have some time with OH too

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