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What can an anti ageing EYE cream offer me that an anti ageing moisturiser doesn't

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mogontheblock Thu 20-Mar-14 22:07:47

I'm a big clarins fan and use the multi active day & night creams religiously. However, I am a shattered mum to a toddler & a 13 week year old angel :-) I went through HELL with my first with her health (diaphragmatic hernia) Thick of it is I am ageing and I am ageing FAST. I have literally cultivated enviable crows feet just over the past two years! My skin is pretty dry & I have never used an eye cream before, so need advice.....does anyone know of a wonder cream that can help me stop this jazz in it's tracks?! Thank you x

alexheartbeauty Fri 21-Mar-14 20:34:14

I also felt I quickly aged after having my daughter. She was a terrible sleeper and diagnosed with CAH at 13 months so I know how horrendous it is when your little one has health problems.
Basically, I found that once I started getting more sleep my lines/wrinkles didn't look half as bad and I bet this is what will happen to you too.
I'm on the fence about whether eye creams are worth it or not. I keep using them but I think that's more out of hope.
Personally, I don't think the multi active day provides adequate broad spectrum SPF which is the best anti-ager out there. I've started using Clinique City Block SPF 40 again and find I can use it around my eyes without a problem so can recommend that.
I'd also be careful about using the night cream too close to your eyes as it's quite rich and could make them puffy. I use retin A around my eyes a few nights a week and on other nights I either don't use an eye cream at all or use a serum type one a few hours before bed so not to wake up with too much puffiness.
Hope that helps.

Onsera3 Sat 22-Mar-14 19:49:12

Eye cream is a gimmick. A way to charge you plenty for a tiny amount of product. A good anti aging product is good for your eye area too.

Anti aging products aren't a strength of the Clarins brand. Any Estée Lauder serum is a good buy. You could use it just around your eye area if that's the only place you feel you need it to save money. Apply your Clarins moisturiser on top if you like them anyway (I know some products I like don't have miracle properties but I like the texture or smell so I stick with them).

jaffacakesallround Sat 22-Mar-14 21:27:34

Nothing. In a word.

ladypete Sun 23-Mar-14 23:13:30

Contrary opinion here. The skin around your eye is very thin compared to the skin on your face, think writing paper to tissue paper in a ratio.

Lots of people who use their face cream (often rich and heavy to combat dryness which is normal in aging skin) around the eyes complain of milia and puffiness around the eye area after a while. It's product overload on very delicate skin.

You then have the fact that lots of good eye creams use cooling ingredients, light rejecting particles to minimise dark circles etc etc... who would want a cool, glittery face? I just dont think everyone can treat two very different types of skin with one cream. Some can get away with it, but for others it's a bit like using your lipbalm on your cheeks - not a pretty result.

ladypete Sun 23-Mar-14 23:16:32

And most people use way too much eye cream. Yes you only get 15ml but you only need the size of a grain of rice patted between two finger pads and tapped onto the bit where you feel bone! Not rubbing a 10p amount all over the lid and then claiming it runs out too fast and stings hmm... But that's another story! grin

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