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Whistles navy midi tube skirt… and….

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NoGoatsToe Thu 20-Mar-14 21:03:26

Baaaaa…. baaaa….
I ended up buying the Whistles navy midi tube skirt because I have a similar (cheap) black mini tube skirt and love it - and couldn't resist the Grazia 25% off. Now I am panicking because I can't work out what to wear on my legs. I have brown biker boots that in my head would work - but surely not with black opaques??? Surely by the time it's warm enough to wear without tights then it will be too warm for biker boots. OK so I could wear with converse - but again bare-legged or what?? Do you all just wear them bare legged with biker boots or converse?

Saurus72 Thu 20-Mar-14 21:18:30

With my black one, I wear black opaques and black ankle boots. I've also just bought a navy and white stripy one, which I plan to wear with bare legs and wedges in the summer. Navy skirts are an issue with tights, I agree. How about just keeping it simple and wearing navy tights with your biker boots? Or grey tights maybe?

NoGoatsToe Fri 21-Mar-14 11:18:11

Oh that's good - thanks - I have navy opaques but was worried it might be a bit much. Am now thinking that ankle boots might be better than the biker boots but will have to wait until the skirt arrives before I can start worrying about that.

christinarossetti Fri 21-Mar-14 13:21:10

I resisted the Grazia offer on the tube skirts (well, my size had sold out by the time noticed it...) but I've got a navy wool dress that I wear with navy tights and it looks fine, not like a Tory wife as I had been dreading. I also sometimes wear grey ones when I wear it with a grey long cardigan.

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