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Best tinted moisturiser?

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MsMarvel Thu 20-Mar-14 21:00:56

I either wear a full face of make up, or no make up, and want to have something in between for going to work etc that doesn't take much time. So was thinking a tinted moisturiser that I can slap on in the morning that's good for my skin, and evens my skintone at the same time. Any suggestions ladies?

rootypig Thu 20-Mar-14 21:02:33

Dior Nude BB cream. Ignore it being called BB cream, it's tinted moisturiser!

NinetyNinePercentTroll Thu 20-Mar-14 21:08:33

I still like the oil free Laura mercier one. More coverage than most but not mask like. Feels nice on my skin and doesn't oxidise (go orange), make my sensitive skin break out/go bumpy, nor does it melt off or crust up (nice) over the duration of the day. Has SPF too, so will give a degree of sun protection. Only minor issue is that the colour range is pretty limited.

The NARS is supposed to be good too (I think better for drier skin) and has a much wider shade range.

thepurplepenguin Thu 20-Mar-14 21:27:01

Liz Earle sheer skin tint.

I have the Laura Mercier as well but the Liz Earle gives much better coverage, makes my skin look flawless.

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