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Colour Analysis - Discover Your Own Season at Home

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Ilovecoodomol Thu 20-Mar-14 12:28:21

Quite a long post, but there's a lot of info to impart here.

I am an ex-colour consultant and teacher, I spent thousands of pounds on training courses only to find I was ripped off after finding a US website called Color Me A Season. I bought some products from them including their training course and discovered to my rage that the courses I paid so much for in the UK were using theories that had been discovered in the 70's and written about by Bernice Kenter, owner of Color Me A Season. CMAS training course only cost me a few hundred quid via distance learning, had I known better I could have saved myself a small fortune....As you can imagine I was pretty pissed when I found out. Other colour houses that I have trained with whom I have been advised not to name have just taken Kentner's system, changed things around to make them look different, renamed their seasonal blends and used clever marketing strategies to promote themselves as being exclusive and better but basically it is the same system with the same results. The truth is that whoever discovered seasonal Colour Analysis has never come forward. It was discussed in academic circles from a scientific point of view (CA is first and foremost a science) and it was from this Bernice Kentner was introduced to it. Kentner was the first to publish a book on the subject but nobody has claimed it's discovery so beware anyone claiming that they discovered seasonal colour analysis, they are talking bull.

Visiting a consultant is a great experience if you fancy being pampered, I highly recommend it but not everyone has a spare £100 or whatever lying around. I've noticed from this site a lot of women who cannot afford the services of a professional are guessing or using cheap online services to get their colours analysed. A true CA professional does not perform a consultation using a photograph or a jpeg, they only way to get an accurate result is to sit in front of a mirror and be tested face to face. If you are a bit strapped for cash Bernice Kentner's book, Color Me A Season (american spelling when searching) teaches you to do it yourself and it is available from Amazon, Alibris etc for next to nothing. Look for the book in a pink cover, it is the latest version (you can see what it looks like on their website). The only issue with the book is that the pictures are a bit 80's now but the system still works. The first CMAS book published in the 70's recommends using a particular brand of crayon to colour paper for testing against your face, but that may be well out of date by now not to mention a pain. You can buy a set of large coloured cards from the CMAS website that have been developed for seasonal analysis, if I remember right they were about 20 dollars or so plus postage for the unlaminated ones, but that was a few years ago. I used drapes in a professional setting, I did buy the cards to try them but found the unlaminated ones went a bit dog-eared with the abuse I gave them although they would be fine for home use. You could also share with your friends, pool together to purchase what you need.

CMAS does do a large range of makeup as well, but like the makeup from most colour houses I found it isn't as good as what you can buy on the high street.

Just want to state that I do not practice Colour Analysis anymore, therefore I am not affiliated to any colour house or brand of cosmetics. I won't be receiving any commissions for anyone purchasing Kentner's colour cards, I just recommend them as the novice could find if they attempt to colour match swatches or drapes themselves they will probably make mistakes causing confusion, whereas using the CMAS cards have been designed by professionals in the industry, are well priced and will make life a lot easier.

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