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Coloured trousers?

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FruitBasedDrinkForALady Wed 19-Mar-14 15:55:24

I'm in the process of losing weight and am down to a comfortable size 14 (was almost at size 20 last August). I'm planning to get to a 12-10ish by the end of the summer o I'm being very frugal in what I'm buying because I have enough clothes that don't fit me any more. Would blue trousers take me through the summer? I don't have to be very formal for work, and I wear a lot of cream, navy and red. I'm 5ft2 if that has any bearing on it...

frankietwospots Wed 19-Mar-14 15:57:02

Congrats on the weight loss! That's pretty amazing!

I'm afraid I couldn't get your link to work. Are they cobalt blue?

FruitBasedDrinkForALady Wed 19-Mar-14 16:35:41

Sorry, I'm a newbie, trying to work out how to post properly! Yes, they are Next Compact Cotton Capri trousers -

Thank you very much...I shameless in my self congratulations reminders so I'll be mortified if I back slide blush

frankietwospots Wed 19-Mar-14 16:54:29

ooo yes, I like those. I like the print version too. That colour would work well with nudes/blush colours.

FoxyHarlow123 Wed 19-Mar-14 18:14:25

Yes, I love them and you could wear all kinds with those for work.

FruitBasedDrinkForALady Thu 20-Mar-14 22:33:10

Thanks, gals, I think I'll embrace the novelty that I can finally wear something colourful! Not sure I'm remotely brave enough for the print ones Frankie...blush

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