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What are you up to beauty wise?

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something2say Wed 19-Mar-14 08:05:09

Hello ladies!!!

Really enjoying this section of mumsnet, such fun and so inspiring.

Anyway right now this is what I have resolved to do.

Am about to get up and go and get highlights in my dark blonde, brown hair. It's choppy cut, long and curly so a half head of punky highlights will be just the thing. I'm hoping anyway!

Am doing exercise quite often, running 4k and doing weights and yoga stretches. Am 40 this year and starting to take care.

Was never a drinker and that has stood me in good stead, but did smoke in the evenings, so that's had to go. Currently detoxing. Also have quite bad cellulite on bum and thighs so working on that too.

Doing my fitness pal to watch what I eat every day. That's an eye opener. Don't get me wrong I am quite hot still haha and turn the odd head but with age creeping up on me I know I have to start watching things.

Have been drinking water like billy o this weekend getting very early nights, partner has been away on business for some weeks now and I am using the time wisely.

This year I would love to find a long slinky red dress to wear with electric blue suede high heels with a boot type sole, rugged. Lovely shoes. Also a white summer dress to wear with my vintage tan suede coat which never gets worn. Also going to do the black jeans and t shirt and punky look. But have to lose about a stone down to 8 for that.

So what are other people's goals this summer? Hair, clothes, look, weight, fitness?

Oh I also wish for some really good quality silver rings. But they are a find and a half so will out the desire out there and see what turns up on my travels.

GertyD Wed 19-Mar-14 08:16:48

Like you I am improving overall fitness and health. I have cut down on coffee, eat right 80% of the time and increased water and fruity/herbal teas. I quit smoking 3 years ago but like a big glass of wine.

I am currently learning (aged 33) to apply my make up properly. My current focus is learning to pluck and shade my eyebrows correctly and also how to use primer properly.

Having lost a lot of weight (5stone), I am also experimenting with clothes and want to find a decent jump suit that suits my very hour glass figure and big boobs.

Currently growing out my fringe as getting wed in May and have gone for a bohemian forehead jewel instead of a veil and hate this inbetweeny bit. The morning after the wedding my fringe will be cut straight back ingrin

something2say Wed 19-Mar-14 08:36:32

Lol that all sounds fab!!! Tell me more about primer? Thing is, I started getting spots which I hated and one day threw all of my expensive face washes and creams away and bought Simple everything and within a week my face had cleared up and stayed that way. So now I'm a bit wary of anything that isn't Simple. Mashing that I do half and half moisturizer and Chanel foundation in the morning....but what's primer all about? I'd also like to learn more about applying makeup. So far I can draw eyeliner wings on with a brush! But it makes a difference, I used to wear just mascara.

HellonHeels Wed 19-Mar-14 08:41:37

Nice thread idea something I love hearing what other people are doing, it's inspiring.

And Gerty - five stone? Wow! How do you feel with that amount of weight off?

I have been WW-ing since Jan 6; lost 10kg so far (need at least 10 more off to reach healthy weight) Unlike previous WW efforts I am making an effort to eat generally better and have cut out all rubbish food. The weight loss is good but how I feel with healthier eating is even better. Am mid-forties and have had good skin without much effort, not many wrinkles now but I'm starting to take more care of it, using moisturiser or rosehip oil. Established consistent yoga practice over last six months and am finally starting to feel benefits in strength and flexibility (and improved mental health/resilience).

Plans for next little while - grow my hair longer, get bikini line lasered, smooth out my frown lines with a bit of Botox. Take better care of my feet!

something2say Wed 19-Mar-14 08:45:31

Oooh bikini lasering....would love to hear how that goes as have a rather spreading one myself ha x

GertyD Wed 19-Mar-14 17:04:25

Something2say, I have only been using it a week it so, and am very cautious with it. But it does give a longer stay. I can't remember the brand but will let you know. It is very light and doesn't seem to be impacting.

I can't do eyeliner either- just a wonky flick, so will try and master that next. Eyebrows are scary!

HellonHeels: In regards to weightloss, I am much fitter. I ran a half marathon and cycle everywhere now, but I still have 2 stone to go though. I would love to say more energetic but have a toddler, teenager and full time job so still knackered grin

GertyD Wed 19-Mar-14 17:05:09

Oh yes! Let us know how the laddering goes!

GertyD Wed 19-Mar-14 17:05:25


Thirtyfifthinline Wed 19-Mar-14 17:18:33

I have recently stopped using hair straighteners and am looking after my hair which is in bad condition. I am embracing my natural curls!

I am also getting my teeth whitened and the kit should be ready to collect from the dentist soon.

Would love to learn how to apply make up correctly - I hand been wearing the same make up since I was about 12 blush

sugar4eva Wed 19-Mar-14 17:26:59

Have started a weekly routine of soak feet in bowl , foot file. , then apply a foot mask for 20 mins . Whilst do this do nails and hair removal from face and dye my brows. All with glass wine and a house programme! Bliss. Need to start doing face exerciss s : have got the book but read it only really except for half hearted attempt!

something2say Wed 19-Mar-14 18:22:15

Oh that sounds nice, how are your feet coming along?

MadBusLady Wed 19-Mar-14 22:11:45

Great idea for a thread smile

I'm really pleased with my skin at the moment, my problems are all below the neck and above the forehead!

I'm frantically necking Biotin to make my hair grow because it's at the annoying shoulders stage and it grows soooo slowly, mostly because I keep getting trims because people tell me this makes it grow faster. It doesn't angry Also sending off for a Daniel Field watercolour dye because it is really not enjoying Loreal any more. I noticed a huge dip in condition when I coloured it twice in quick succession recently. Also trying to decide whether to keep the fringe I have just rashly cut in or not!

Bodywise the gym and eating continues to go well, about 4lbs off my fighting weight now. I'd really like to do some Pilates though, must investigate that.

I have bought a bag of sugar and a £1.99 300ml bottle of pure almond oil fro my friendly local Turkish grocer (treasure houses - they have pure rose water for 99p too) and I make up a body scrub with it every few days. That is going well. Moisturising my calves most days because I usually start the summer with them all scaly and dry - not this year!

Considering saving a bit and treating myself to a home laser thingy when they are next on sale. I have the ideal skin/hair colours for it and I think it's worth the punt having worked out what clinic treatment would cost for all my hairy bits <hobbit>

sugar4eva Thu 20-Mar-14 14:16:05

Something; they are really soft looking now. Plus the wine and tv= chill!

belleprof Thu 20-Mar-14 21:53:57

That all sounds wonderful. I'm 40 in Oct and look so old lately .... Frown line and forehead lines are my biggest prob areas. I'm v thin, size 6/8 and can't seem to put on weight. I'm bf my nearly 2 yr old , working full time, basically wrecked. Here's my plan.... Cleanse tone and apply Superskin oil every night. Do my pelvic floor exercises with machine (v bad prolapse ) drink loads more water, cut coffee down to one a day, take my krill oil supplements and eat egg watch morning, go to bed earlie, get out in the sun/ daylight each day..... Do my yoga DVD, stop worrying about health

FoxyHarlow123 Thu 20-Mar-14 22:23:16

I've just discovered real techniques make up brushes, which are amazing, so I'm enjoying using them. I want to try and 'clean' up my diet a bit. Go a bit caveman!! Just lacking the oomph to do it. I may however do a mini perricone, as its meant to do wonders for your skin.

HellonHeels Fri 21-Mar-14 10:53:14

Belleprof are you eating enough? One of my friends struggles to gain/maintain weight, he drinks protein shakes or something like those nurishment drinks to try to gain a bit. Would good fats, oils, nuts help?

Thanks to this thread I have been slapping some Ren body cream onto my feet every night, they are hugely improved in appearance and I haven't even ped egged them. Thank you for the inspiration!

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