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Kill me now - Ugg Flip Flops?

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DietCokeMultipackCan Tue 18-Mar-14 15:59:55

Have just ordered these. Was getting sick of buying pair after pair of cheapo flip flops every summer so thought I'd look for something a bit more substantial and had heard that Uggs last forever.

Looking closely at them, the soles don't look too tough and I think I'm going to end up sending them back. Has anyone had a similar pair before and did they last more than five minutes? Could kick myself.

Marylou2 Tue 18-Mar-14 16:51:52

Have you tried Havianas? Really comfy and last for ages.

DietCokeMultipackCan Tue 18-Mar-14 17:38:54

They had those on the website I bought from! Are they very hardwearing?

Marylou2 Tue 18-Mar-14 18:14:50

They are brilliant. I have a few pairs in different colours and they hardly show wear at all.

GwendolineMaryLacey Tue 18-Mar-14 18:40:09

After refusing to wear them for years and living in fit flops and birkies for years, I caved in and bought Havaianas last year and lived in them all summer. My feet are itching to get them on again now.

Blueuggboots Tue 18-Mar-14 18:42:52

I keep seeing advertisements for Gandy's flip flops.

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