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Anyone had a mini facelift ?! Or Botox ?! or anything else that might work ?!

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OnePlanOnHouzz Tue 18-Mar-14 12:50:57

Hello ! Am thinking very seriously about getting something done very probably a mini facelift and eyelid reduction - and wondered if anyone on MN has been through it ?! I'd appreciate any comments - the good - the bad and even the ugly !!
Am 46 - a bit Jowley and not happy about it ! I Want to look like me again !!!!
Thanks !

HappyGirlNow Tue 18-Mar-14 13:03:33

I've had Botox and fillers.. I go really easy on the Botox as I hate that frozen look. Fillers are amazing and can deal with jowls etc.. Fillers to the cheek lift the whole face like scaffolding! grin I had thought my face was collapsing before I got them.. Oh and I've had professional dermaroller - it's great at improving the plumpness of the skin..

I look years younger than I did. I'm 41.

OnePlanOnHouzz Tue 18-Mar-14 13:07:49

Good point - I don't want to look startled either !! Might ask about fillers ?! Not heard of a dermaroller ?! Sounds interesting ! Thank you !!

OnePlanOnHouzz Tue 18-Mar-14 13:15:44

Omg I just googled dermaroller !!!!!! My word that looks painful !? Please tell me they numb you before they do anything with those bad boys ?!?!

fedupandfifty Tue 18-Mar-14 13:24:53

I'd love something too, so watching with interest. I was considering a lower-face facelift, but after reading this, I'll go for fillers, I think.

I've had botox and fillers, but I thought the fillers made me look swollen. At the moment I'm just doing exercises. I'm 54.

Tex111 Tue 18-Mar-14 13:30:12

I have IPL and it tightens the skin and smooths it out, reduces pore size and zaps any broken capillaries. I also have a tiny bit of Botox to get rid of the grumpy line between my eyebrows and have a bit just above each eye which gives a little lift. Still have a fully mobile forehead without that frozen look.

The one thing about these treatments is that they're temporary. I go about twice a year. As I get older I wonder about doing something more permanent like a mini lift. Will watch this thread with interest.

HappyGirlNow Tue 18-Mar-14 13:48:30

I go light on the fillers too! grin

Re the dermaroller, yes they apply a topical anaesthetic cream before they do it.. You'll probably need 3 sessions 6 weeks apart..

pinkflaming0 Tue 18-Mar-14 16:01:11

Those of you who've had fillers/botox etc. Where did you have it done? And, how did you choose where to have it done?

I don't know anyone in RL who's had either of these or any other cosmetic procedure (who's admitting it anyway!) so can't ask for a recommendation.

OnePlanOnHouzz Tue 18-Mar-14 16:06:44

it's one if those taboo subjects - the people who have it done keep it to themselves ! have texted a lady who does Botox ! will see how that goes !! will let you guys know !!

HappyGirlNow Tue 18-Mar-14 16:30:04

Yes there isn't one single person in real life who knows I've had Botox fillers although I have discussed the dermaroller with friends grin

Tex111 Tue 18-Mar-14 17:48:43

I recommend seeing a doctor rather than a beauty therapist for this kind of thing. You need someone who's well trained and with a good understanding of anatomy to get it right. I did a lot of research and see Dr Dondos at Medicetics in London. She's known for having a light hand with the Botox which is what I wanted.

OnePlanOnHouzz Tue 18-Mar-14 18:09:39

thank you !! it's good to get a recommendation !!

FoxyHarlow123 Tue 18-Mar-14 19:01:13

Great site and whilst many users are American, there are a few Brits on it and you get great warts n all photos.

Millyblods Wed 19-Mar-14 09:02:49

Face exercises work on the face same way as they do on the body by lifting, plumbing and sculpting the face. Can I ask why people don't do this rather than have work done? confused

Millyblods Wed 19-Mar-14 09:03:29

plumping ..of course!

OnePlanOnHouzz Wed 19-Mar-14 09:33:27

Have been doing that too - much to the amusement of all around me !! Not had the results I'd like though ! So this is a quick fix - but in my case it's possibly because of weight change too ?! for me - there's nothing worse than looking in the mirror and seeing a saggy face that just doesn't suit me ! I still feel 26 inside - I know I won't look 26 ever again - but if I can slow the process down a tad - then that will help !!

Millyblods Wed 19-Mar-14 11:01:14

How long have you been doing it , I have started last year but havnt really got into it fully yet. Face is still ok but have started to see a bit of jowl starting. I'm 52 .

OnePlanOnHouzz Wed 19-Mar-14 11:04:11

I've been making silly faces since 39 !!! lol !! 46 now and jowly !!! :-(

Millyblods Wed 19-Mar-14 11:15:22

It didn't work for you then?sad

OnePlanOnHouzz Wed 19-Mar-14 17:50:36

Nope ! Well it might have done but weight gain / loss/gain and now loss didn't help much either !! Not as elastic as it used to be !!

Millyblods Wed 19-Mar-14 18:12:29

Well I can understand why you want a bit of help then One. Go for it. If something makes you feel better then why not.

OnePlanOnHouzz Thu 27-Mar-14 08:08:12

saw the surgeon last night ! all doable !!awaiting the formal price quote - but should be within my budget ! he'd like me to get to my target weight before he operates - as otherwise I will not see the true benefit ! so it's back on the 1200 cals a day for the next 20 weeks or so !! because of the compression bandages, it might be more comfortable NOT in the height of summer - so thinking about early September time - so all fab for Christmas parties etc !!
exciting stuff !!!

makealist Thu 27-Mar-14 10:22:33

ooh, can I ask what sort of price range is it likely to be?

Suzannewithaplan Thu 27-Mar-14 10:47:42

I think I'd go for botox and fillers first and possibly facelift mid 50's or so when the botox and fillers are no longer having the effects that you want.
Surgery will roll back the clock but it doesn't stop time, you will continue to age and may feel that you want more surgery after say 10 years.
Repeated facial surgery is probably rather risky whereas botox and fillers are not afaik.

Also bear in mind that procedures will improve as medical technology advances.

Suzannewithaplan Thu 27-Mar-14 10:48:35

I'm thinking 6 or 7 k for a face-lift, at least?

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