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yet another bra thread... returning to real bras after breastfeeding

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ClaireUnderwood Mon 17-Mar-14 20:21:36

Hi there, I'm hoping the bra gurus can recommend me some options to buy online.

For the last 14 months I've been living in Bravado crop tops nursing bras - the only comfortable feeding bras I could find.

However, I'm now back at work and have cut down to just morning and evening feeds, and I'd love to go back to real bras for the daytime. My boobs don't really fluctuate in size any more so I think it should be comfortable enough.

I've lost quite a bit of weight post pregnancy and my boobs have shrunk hugely - and to be honest my pre pregnancy bras were all beyond their last legs anyway - so I need something new. I don't want to spend much and will probably just get a couple, in case when I stop feeding properly my size changes again.

So... I'm after recommendations and advice on what to get and in what size!

I have done the intervention-style measuring and I think I'm 29/35 ish. I'm pretty thin these days, should I go for a 30DD?

In terms of style, my boobs are currently pretty deflated but also fairly wide set. If I was going by this,333,30.html I would say they were closest to 'wide set/ splayed'. They are definitely shallow - very little volume anywhere but absolutely none on top at the moment!

One problem I've had when sizing down in the band previsouly is that the underwired bit is too narrow and digs into the side of my boob, if that makes sense - so I'd like to avoid that.

I'm not fussed about having any kind of cleavage, and don't particularly like padding unless v subtle, but would like the bra itself to be pretty and low cut enough that I can wear a normal scoop neck underneath can't wait to not have to worry about this after months of stupid nursing bras.

Ideally I'd like to find something very pretty which has matching knickers in cotton but I think this may be akin to the holy grail!

I hope that's enough info, I'd be so grateful for any recommendations anyone has.


treaclesoda Mon 17-Mar-14 21:37:57

I would maybe try a 30E and a 28F too. If sizing down in the back has left the wires digging into you, it's possibly a case of the cup being too small, so the wires don't sit in the right place. Or it could be the style, or even the brand eg I can't wear Panache Superbra bras, even if they are the correct size, the wires dig in, whereas in a Freya bra in a similar size I'd be very comfortable. I know I've seen some of the bra ladies here say similar about other brands too. It's all about finding the size first and then the style, I think.

Cleo Juna is a really nice comfortable bra for every day wear. It has a little bit of shaping, but its not like those moulded cups that are very hard to get a good fit with.

ClaireUnderwood Mon 17-Mar-14 21:56:25

Thanks treaclesoda I will check out the Cleo Juna. And I guess I need to order a range of sizes. I expect what will happen is I'll get paralysed by indecision about which one is the right size, then panic and send them all back... will have to try not to do that!

EarSlaps Mon 17-Mar-14 22:18:03

Sounds like you have almost identical boobs to me, just a little bit larger. I think I am more 30D/28DD. The Juna looks good, I might order that. On another thread I was recommended the Curvy Kate Tease Me, Freya Patsy or some of the bravissimo bras. I quite like the look of this

StatisticallyChallenged Mon 17-Mar-14 22:43:53

The wires issue has probably been a mix of the cup not being big enough and the style/brand being wrong.

I'd suggest (for you too earslaps - longer list!);
Curvy Kate Tease me, thrill me, Ritzy, entice, fleurty and maybe Carmen ( a gorgeous longline)
Cleo - possibly juna and maddie although the may be too narrow
Tutti rouge - known for being a wide and shallow range betty for example
Freya - wires on the wider side but the patsy half cup (careful there is a balcony too), possibly the gem half cup. I see they have also brought out a deco half cup which might just work (I haven't tried it as I'm sized out. Normal deco will be a disaster though, you'll just have a big hollow top section!
Fauve - sister brand to Freya so if Freya half cup works, try the Fauve ones for something a bit luxurious. veronique for example
Bravissimo - their own brand half cups like rococo charm, demi diva, hearts amour. Not as wide but you could also consider trying dotty spot which although it's a fuller cup has quite a tight top section

nirishma Mon 17-Mar-14 22:57:41

Hi I was wearing d/ dd nursibg bras and went to m&s outlet and tried several sizes up and down of a two pack of limited collection lacy sheer bras in pale blue and cream. 9 quid for two, bargain.

I stopped breastfeeding two days ago (sadly can't do morning and night feeds as have minging acne that needs sorted before I go back to work - don't want to scare my patients away). I found the E cup to be the best fit and as it's a 32 band it still looks neat and sexy rather than mumsy.

I saw a beautiful 30 DD bra reduced from £20 to £1.20 - shall I buy it for you??

It's brilliant wearing a bra that doesn't gape over your cleavage like those bloody nursing bras do.

M&S are rubbish at measuring though so it's best you do the alternative measurements and bring a few sizes each way with you to the fitting room. Ignore the sales assistants. They keep telling me I'm a 36 A hmm

ClaireUnderwood Mon 17-Mar-14 23:14:24

Wow, thanks so much everyone! Amazing list statistically I will have to check them out in the morning - must sleep now! Hope some of them will suit you too earslaps <waves at boob twin>

Will let you know how I get on!

Onsera3 Tue 18-Mar-14 12:26:11

I've been having the same problem. My boobs are flat from breastfeeding but still need a big cup size. However I'm reasonably slim so can't manage one to big around the ribs. But 32 etc cut into side of boob.

I've found removing underwire from a structured bra makes cups a lot wider and shallower. A thick cup gives me enough support without it.

themoneyone Tue 18-Mar-14 12:37:57

Same here op. I rate Lepel Fiore half cups. Sadly the matching knickers aren't cotton though!

StatisticallyChallenged Tue 18-Mar-14 12:50:40

Onsera the bras I listed are worth trying as wire widths are not standard. You should not have to remove the wires

ClaireUnderwood Tue 18-Mar-14 13:48:19

Right I've just been on Figleaves and spent... gulp... £350 on bras and knickers! But I will probably only keep one set so I guess that's OK? I have bought, in a range of sizes, the Freya Deco/Patsy/Gem half cups, the Cleo Juna, and the Curvy Kate Ritzy. Will see how I go with them and progress to Bravissimo / Tutti Rouge later on if necessary... not sure my cash flow can cope with any more options right now.

Thanks again everyone for all your help, I'll try to remember to keep you posted. Today I'm wearing a very pretty but extremely badly fitting padded plunge in 32C - neither style nor size are doing me any favours. Fingers crossed my delivery will help!

ClaireUnderwood Wed 19-Mar-14 21:50:15

Well... the bras arrived today and the good news is I've saved £350. The bad news is they were all disastrous.

I think either the measuring method doesn't work / doesn't apply to post-bf boobs, or I've measured wrong. Every single bra was miles too big in the cup - the boobie equivalent of clown trousers. The ones with moulding / padding simultaneously seemed to flatten what tiny amount of boob I have whilst gaping at the top. The non-padded ones were just empty bags. The sizes I tried were a mix of 28E/F 30DD/ 30E. Some of them I didn't even try as I could see looking at the cup that I could get both my boobs in there and still have space. And yes I scooped - but there's not much boob to scoop and I don't have much fat to speak of at the moment.

I just remeasured again and depending on how tight I pull the measure could be 28/34 i guess... but tbh I don't know if I can face trying another load yet! I would go into Bravissimo to be fitted personally but I don't have time and also fear given today that I am too small for their smallest sizes - don't want to have me and my microboobs laughed out of the shop.

For now I'm going back to my lovely comfy Bravado silk nursing bra but when I next try what size should I go for? 28D? 30C? 28DD? 30D?

Also does anyone have any more non-padded recommendations?

yours confusedly and a little deflatedly (boobs and spirits both)

SorrelForbes Wed 19-Mar-14 22:32:19

OK, it is quite likely that you could be a 28E in certain styles and a 30DD in others.

The Deco is quite hard to get a good fit with (as are many moulded bras). Which sizes did you try the Juna in and how was the fit? It sounds like you might have fairly shallow breasts so something like the Cleo Lucy might work. TBH some styles and brands are just not going to be right for you. I don't get on with any Freya bras but loads of people love them!

ClaireUnderwood Thu 20-Mar-14 06:09:16

Thanks sorrel. The juna was a 28f- the only size approximately near that was available. The band was v tight and the cups quite empty, it also felt like it was squishing my boobs into an unnatural shape. And the underwire felt quite uncomfy on my sternum.

I think maybe I need to wait until- if this ever happens!- my boobs regain a bit more of their normal weight and texture. At the moment they are very soft and light, I think I read somewhere this is because milk- making stuff displaces fat or something?! Anyway I'm not sure proper bras are going to work for me until i have something to put in them!

EarSlaps Thu 20-Mar-14 06:35:22

I keep losing my replies!

Anyway, whilst I was still breastfeeding I found the Freya Lauren was quite good for me. It's slightly padded but very soft.

Now I have a debenhams presence dotty balcony bra. It only starts at a 32, but the band is quite tight, I have a 32D and it fits quite well, so you could try that? I also found the debenhams fitter very good, they don't carry much stock in store in a 28 though but might be able to suggest sizes to buy online.

EarSlaps Thu 20-Mar-14 06:37:46

I also have this one, fits quite well.

ClaireUnderwood Thu 20-Mar-14 23:16:24

Thank you earslaps, I will check those out, they both look like good options. Will let you know how I get on. Why does it have to be so difficult to find things that fit?!

SorrelForbes Fri 21-Mar-14 07:56:09

ClaireUnderwood Sorry, meant to reply earlier and forgot! It might be worth trying the Juna in a 30DD. Alternatively, the Cleo Lucy might work?

ClaireUnderwood Fri 21-Mar-14 13:59:14

Thanks sorrel might give those a try. Will keep you all posted, thanks everyone for your help.

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