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I've just realised that Toms are espadrilles

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OuterFromOutersville Mon 17-Mar-14 19:59:49

Good God, I want a pair of espadrilles blush.

Yay or nay? I like the navy ones, or maybe grey ones. red?

ophiotaurus Mon 17-Mar-14 20:12:10

They were very narrow when I tried them (but I have wide feet).
Not helpful...

TripTrapTripTrapOverTheBridge Mon 17-Mar-14 20:14:54

What ones?

Office have a sale on....

AnyFucker Mon 17-Mar-14 20:16:04

look here for discounted Toms

Suzietwo Mon 17-Mar-14 20:18:27

I have just bought my first pair. I have v wide feet but they fit fine in my usual size. I was hesitant as they get quite a bashing but oh my! So comfortable. Best buy in ages. And I'm sure they won't last longer than one summer but then nor do lots of shoes (converse, wellies etc). Am happy!

TheCraicDealer Mon 17-Mar-14 20:22:16

On the contrary, I have a pair I bought in 2008 that still do the job. They're fabulously comfy and have a little bit of arch support that makes them better than your average summer shoe. And the charity angle appeals to me- I get very judgy when I see people in faux-Toms. They're depriving a needy child of shoes!

I have three pairs plus a pair of cork wedges which are the comfiest pair of heels I've ever worn.

OuterFromOutersville Tue 18-Mar-14 07:50:16

Thanks all. I imagine a hot summer in my comfortable and cool Toms stretching before me grin.

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