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Jeans free wardrobe - but still in-betweeny seasons still a bit difficult

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manfirstual Mon 17-Mar-14 10:46:55

Having decided that I am dress shaped rather than trouser shaped I have gradually bought more and more dresses and now I realize I have spent a whole year without jeans (or any trousers). This wasn't evangelical zeal, it was just that I realized I looked rubbish in jeans (thighs too fat, waist much smaller than hips) and much better in (the right shape) dresses. However, I do find spring a challenge, I keep opaques on for as long as I can, but I do get hot rather easily. I don't 'do' leggings as personally I think leggings on anyone other than the very slim look like you are (unsuccessfully)trying to cover up your fat legs - I know others will disagree. For work I wear nude fishnets with wedges, but I find casual very hard. Yesterday we went for a walk in the woods and that proved a tricky one...any thoughts?

Stokey Mon 17-Mar-14 10:55:28

Long skirts? Yesterday I was wearing a ankle length skirt cos I hadn't waxed my legs with a fitted t-shirt and cardie.

Or thin tights? I tend to wear tights until it get's properly hot, and even sometimes then - gets very cold at work - but just vary the dernier depending on the season. Also wear ballet shoes or brogues instead of boots when it's getting warmer.

But am thinking more of work wear. For a walk in the woods I would probably still do trousers & trainers.

manfirstual Mon 17-Mar-14 11:14:19

Well I embraced the festival look with wellies and dress, it was muddy enough for wellies although they were rather hot (but then jeans would have been hot too!). But my legs did get rather scratched.

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