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What to wear in first few weeks after baby has been born?

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impatientlywaiting Mon 17-Mar-14 09:12:21

Hi all,

Looking for some advice on flattering comfortable clothes I could wear after I've had my baby.

I'm 33 weeks pregnant at the moment, and I've put on about 3 1/2 stone. Hoping I can keep it under 4 stone by the time the baby arrives. I was a size 8-10 pre-pregnancy and I'm guessing I'll be 12-14 after baby arrives?

I have completely pigged out in pregnancy so know a lot of the weight gain is due to over indulgence rather than baby weight.

After feeling a bit down in early pregnancy, I've quite embraced my pregnancy figure and have felt smart and confident wearing fairly tight clothes which emphasise my bump.

But recently I've realised I'm going to have nothing to wear when the baby arrives. My pre-pregnancy clothes are nowhere near fitting, jackets are too tight on the arms and back, trousers don't get past my thighs. The majority of my maternity stuff is tight and almost body con in style, so I won't want to wear any of that after the baby is here.

So I was hoping for some advice on what I could think about buying now so I'll have something to wear which I look nice, but comfy in. I'm guessing a lot of time I'll be wearing track suit bottoms and big T shirts, but would like to have an outfit or two that I can feel confident in for if we go to visit people or go out for lunch etc.

Have no idea how to dress following pregnancy or associated weight gain. Any advice is appreciated.


EyelinerQueen Mon 17-Mar-14 09:14:49

Skinny maternity jeans would be comfortable and would look great with a loose blouse?

I have the Topshop Leigh maternity jeans and I am totally in love with them. They're so comfy and have a small band so not too maternity looking.

Primark have some lovely and cheap loose blouses (just get a bigger size)- you could wear a vest or cami underneath if you're planning to bf?

50shadesofmeh Mon 17-Mar-14 09:14:55

I wore leggings and jersey t-shirt dresses, yoga trousers in house with long vests and cardigans .

Clobbered Mon 17-Mar-14 09:18:42

Pyjamas and a dressing gown for the first fortnight. Sod visitors etc. Wait and see how your body adapts and order some new goodies online when the time comes.

impatientlywaiting Mon 17-Mar-14 09:20:48

Thank you, both suggestions sound good. I think I'll never be parted from my maternity leggings which are the most comfortable item of clothing I've ever worn, and was thinking they could be good paired with something loose fitting, I'm liking both the blouse and T-shirt dress suggestions.

GlaikitFizzog Mon 17-Mar-14 09:23:00

I may still wear some of my maternity clothes blush

I loved my yoga pants for ages after having ds by cs, leggings and tunics and shift dresses if I was going out, but mostly I was in soft fabric trousers.

I didn't wear jeans for almost 6 months because they irritated my scar.

50shadesofmeh Mon 17-Mar-14 09:25:50

I have this dress and a few like it, worn with high waisted / maternity leggings looks really nice , my baby is 11 months now and still wear it.

impatientlywaiting Mon 17-Mar-14 09:29:05

Thanks for the link 50shades.
That's lovely and a bargain at half price. Think I'll order it.

50shadesofmeh Mon 17-Mar-14 09:31:09

Just the ticket for hiding belly but comfortable and makes you feel like you aren't in pyjamas when people visit.

50shadesofmeh Mon 17-Mar-14 09:31:47

American apparel has great cotton longer line cardigans I wore to death also .

50shadesofmeh Mon 17-Mar-14 09:32:55

If you need access for breast feeding I find a vest underneath means you can lift tunic up without exposing belly etc

TulipOHare Mon 17-Mar-14 09:34:32

I wore yoga pants (must admit have never done yoga in my life, they just looked so comfy!) and jersey tops / vests (it was high summer).

EeyoreIsh Mon 17-Mar-14 09:35:21

I wore maternity jeans, skinny vests with loose tops or cardigans over. I also wore yoga pants when at home.

If you're planning on breastfeeding a lot of your old tops and dresses might not work. I suggest you wait until baby is born and order things when stuck on the sofa smile

LegoCaltrops Mon 17-Mar-14 09:38:58

Depends if you're planning on BFing, as this will affect your options, at least when you leave the house. I wore my maternity leggings for a few weeks, then switched to regular leggings, with a very loose, short dress over, & BFing vest under. In the house, I mostly just wore leggings or long skirt, bra & no top (it was a heat wave). Just make sure you lock the door so relatives can't just 'pop round'.

JRsandCoffee Mon 17-Mar-14 09:48:36

I wore a lot of skirts because my shape (big hips, small waist) meant that a lot of my old skirts had room to accommodate the tum, albeit not quite zipped up. Also wore my mat jeans and leggings for a few months I think. I BF'd and ordered myself some nice feeding tops from seraphine which I wore to death, never really got on with the whole tunic up/ vest down thing, all seemed such a faff!! So probably against the general opinion I'd say bf tops are worth it but don't buy loads until you are sure that breastfeeding is going to work for you.

For immediately after birth I'd go for some feeding cami's with the support in built to wear with your pjs/ yoga trousers. My Mum bought me one when I was in hospital and within the hour almost she was back in the shop to buy me more as my enormous and slightly chewed feeling boobs sighed with relief! The support bit was the key element.

HappyAsEyeAm Mon 17-Mar-14 13:55:21

I had my second baby at the end of April, and spent a few months wearing this type of top:

Phase eight top with a waistband

Phase eight long line very stretchy top

They do lots of this type of style. They don't seem to have many short sleeve versions at the moment, so they must be due soon.

I also bought two identical pairs of high waisted jeans from wallis, dark blue and straight leg. I wore them to death. And I also bought a denim jacket (double denim, I know!) and some scarves. I wore them all a lot before I lost the weight.

Immediately after the birth, I wore m and s knickers in a size 4 sizes bigger than I am (to be comfortable - I was very bloated), yoga pants and maternity vests from Isabella Oliver. Nice and long, with ruching. Ruching is wonderful.

plentyofsoap Mon 17-Mar-14 14:24:07

I had a section both times and could not stand anything tight on for quite a while after.
Maternity leggings and tunics (fatface sale) were fine.

balenciaga Mon 17-Mar-14 14:31:03

LOL well I will probably be in joggers and baggy stuff for at least a couple of weeks (i am 36+3 and having planned cs)

i have only gained 16lb so expect maybe 20lbs on by the end. so will prob lose the weight fairly fast, but this is my dc3 and i am 34 so doubt bump will go down quick sad so I will be in maternity jeans and baggy vests / tops I expect

HappyAsEyeAm Mon 17-Mar-14 15:32:58

Everyone's experience is so different. I had two EMCS and I liked the feeling that everything in the middle was sort of held in. Not tight, but supportive. A nice wide jersey band (liek the first Phase Eight top) made me feel so much better.

noviceoftheday Mon 17-Mar-14 15:56:43

I had to reluctantly give up my Mamas and Papas maternity jeans after 6 months because they were falling down. I loved loved loved those jeans! They were the most comfortable jeans I had ever worn. Post birth, I either just wore my maternity clothes or bought a whole load of t-shirts (and long tees) from Primark and wore those with joggers. Not fashionable but I didn't care grin

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