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Has anyone seen this dress in Asda?

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DelGirl Mon 17-Mar-14 08:27:32,default,pd.html

I wonder what it's like in the flesh so to speak.

Here is my problem, a nice problem to have. I'm going to a wedding, hot climate, all day. Am thinking of a maxi dress. Prefer cotton or linen but not found any thus far. Have read that viscose is ok. Im large all over but am currently slimming, hope to be a comfortable 18. I dont like my arms and plus I have a horrible scar on my shoulder from an op last year. I have been searching for ever. I don't mind wearing a pashmina or something, but id rather not. Budget,, up to £100 but prefer much less. Must deliver to Europe. Anyway, has anyone seen the above dress and have any thoughts. Tia

DelGirl Mon 17-Mar-14 08:28:23,default,pd.html

scarletforya Mon 17-Mar-14 08:32:52

I'm not keen on the color. It's a bit too close to flesh color. (If you're pasty like me)

Also it's very unstructured which is a bad thing if you're bigger, like me!

Just my thoughts!

StepAwayFromTheEcclesCakes Mon 17-Mar-14 08:35:14

I rather like it but no haven't been to Asda in ages for a browse. I too am losing weight so trying not to get sucked into buying any new clothes just yet. You could order and return if you don't like it.

scarletforya Mon 17-Mar-14 08:35:17

It'd be lovely on a willowy teen.

DelGirl Mon 17-Mar-14 08:39:03

Yes I did have the same thoughts. Definitely not a willowy teen. I could return it but post here is not that secure sadly.

DelGirl Mon 17-Mar-14 08:51:57

Is this too casual? I have been given a beautiful Japanese silk tie died pashmina. Much more intricate design than the typical tie dye though and in the same colours.

mrsnec Mon 17-Mar-14 08:54:49

Have you looked on asos op? I got a lovely cotton oasis maxi in their sale, although it shows shoulders so wouldn't be ideal for you but they had loads. They also deliver all over Europe for free. I live in cyprus and it takes them 2 working days 2 ger their orders to me.

DelGirl Mon 17-Mar-14 08:56:53

I have looked, but will look again as they may have more now. Thanks

mrsnec Mon 17-Mar-14 09:06:26

Sounds like that wrap would dress up that m and s one you'd also be able to dress it up with accessories. I agree asos is hit and miss but I've just been really impressed with their prices and service in comparison to buying clothes here or ordering them from anywhere else in the UK. Tesco change 10 quid for example!

DelGirl Mon 17-Mar-14 09:08:25

I think I may order the blue one anyway as I have the same style from a few years ago in a different colour. It'll be useful even if I don't use it for the wedding. I can't see anything on asos that's suitable sad

DelGirl Mon 17-Mar-14 09:10:35

X post. They're low on stock and some sizes are sold out in the blue dress. The wrap is gorgeous, I just need shoes, which could be difficult.

mrsnec Mon 17-Mar-14 09:50:47

That's a good idea. If it helps I had a sunny Mediterranean wedding in quite a decent venue and whilst half of the guests were in the standard wedding attire of coast and phase eight frocks, the other half were in normal sundresses theyd just dressed up with accessories. I'd be tempted to go for silver shoes with that dress hope you can find it in stock!

DelGirl Mon 17-Mar-14 10:13:51

Silver sandals is a great idea and should be easy to find online, if not here.

DelGirl Mon 17-Mar-14 10:59:57

Have finally ordered it. Unfortunately, I didnt make use of the delivery charge as I couldn't think of anything else we need right now but it'll be a useful dress. I have silver jewelry. Just need to sort shoes and bag. The good thing with that style, it will fit whatever and hides the bumps.

mrsnec Mon 17-Mar-14 11:48:24

I wouldn't worry. It's always still cheaper with delivery from the UK than buying from my local store! Good luck finding shoes!

DelGirl Mon 17-Mar-14 13:08:09

Very true, it was £37 incl delivery. I imagine it would be at least €50 here, if I could find one that is. Thanks, I've looked again at the wrap and its actually navy but with lighter blues in the design. We'll see!

SundaySimmons Mon 17-Mar-14 13:59:23

Viscose isn't that great in a hot climate.

I don't sweat but I would avoid viscose.

DelGirl Mon 17-Mar-14 14:19:01

Oh boy, well the wedding is at 11.30 then onto hotel which will hopefully have aircon. I do have a fall back linen outfit I can wear but fancied a dress. I read that viscose was the next best thing to cotton and linen. Obviously there's silk too but not for me.

DelGirl Mon 17-Mar-14 14:20:26

Plus its not too fitted, only at the top. I'll put an ice pack in my bra lol.

mrsnec Tue 18-Mar-14 05:30:05

I have a jumpsuit in viscose that kept me very cool over here last summer. I do think it can be sweaty but it depends on the weight of the fabric. My jumpsuit is very light and thin and you might find that dress is the same but if it isn't go with an ice pack down your bra or your linen fall back outfit it is always good to have a plan b!

DelGirl Tue 18-Mar-14 07:21:40

Thank you mrsnec. If it is the same as the last dress, it is very light. Just elasticated at the top. I think it will ok. Well, it will or it won't. Will update when it arrives. I may even take a pic!

DelGirl Tue 18-Mar-14 07:22:08

Will be ok

mrsnec Tue 18-Mar-14 14:38:34

That would be good. I quite like it too but they don't have my size and already have blue maxi, also at 5ft 3 I don't wear them brilliantly. Also I noticed last time I was in marks there is a lot of stuff that looks and feels like cotton but is viscose.

NathalieM Tue 18-Mar-14 16:06:26

Unfortunately I haven't but I do quite like it! Although as I am not usually brown all year round I do worry about nude colours for looking pasty as well Scarlet!

Its always a pain when you feel like you don't want some bits on show, but there is usually some fashion solution somewhere! A pashmina is very elegant but could be slightly irritating in the heat which may stop you feeling entirely comfortable.

Goddiva have a lot of summer maxi dresses that may be suitable, some of them have short sleeves, others have thick straps or are one-shouldered? They seem lovely and summery too so would fit in well!

Alternatively, is great for searching for certain designs across all shops and brands so maybe have a browse there.

I hope this helps,

Nat xo

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