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Jeans that don't ride down

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crestfall Mon 17-Mar-14 08:09:14

I have quite a lot of pairs of jeans but none of them is comfortable and all of them ride down. I now have a baby and a toddler and all the bending over and sitting on the floor leaves me with a horrible case of builder's bum! I haven't lost the baby weight yet but even before I was pregnant I had this problem. I go for skinny jeans or occasionally boot cut or straight leg but they all seem to have this tendency to sneak down.

I have quite a shapely bum, my legs are not skinny but not huge and I generally have quite a slim waist (though not so much at the moment) but I imagine that something high waisted would just make my bum look massive. I want some jeans that I can wear day to day with flat shoes/trainers. Does anyone have some fabulous non-riding-down jeans that they can recommend?!

Stokey Mon 17-Mar-14 09:26:25

I'd go high-waisted - I got some great high-waisted skinnies a couple of months ago and wouldn't go back.

They don't make your bum look big, just more shapely

Mine were quite pricey - Paige ones- but people recommend Gap on here a lot. Levis do some too that are a bit cheaper (than the Paige ones) but still come in near £100.

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