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Keratin treatments - which are free from nasties and can be used on bleached hair?

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CareerGirl01 Sun 16-Mar-14 17:03:56

Have ombréd my hair so it's bleached and dry at the ends. But first few inches of roots are virgin (not dyed) and in good condition. So what keratin kit should I use plse ? Advice welcome xx

I like this one does wonders on my dry ended coloured hair.

CareerGirl01 Sun 16-Mar-14 19:40:41

Thanks step is it okay to use if you are breastfeeding? I was also toying with te idea of a steam pod

ah no its not recommended, hmm steam pod, I have one and although its fab at getting my hair really smooth and silky I still suffer from the crispy ends the day after. I combat mine by putting a drop of oil or conditioner on them every morning and night with a good soak in coconut oil or deep condition mask overnight if I am washing it the next morning. its less drying that my GHDs but can't say its as good as the hype but does give a lovely finish. I guess the only real way to deal with crispy ends is to get them cut but I don't want to yet. on with the battle!

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