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Broad shouldered ladies?

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rubybleu Sun 16-Mar-14 10:21:53

I was wondering if anyone else was broad-shouldered with small boobs and waist, and could let me know what styles flatter them?

Shopping is a battle to find clothes that fit my shoulders without hiding my waist, as I have hips and a bum as well - I'd be pear-shaped if not for the shoulders. I'm basically size 10 shoulders, small 8 rib cage, 10-12 bum.

I find casual tops and jackets the hardest - tailored shirts (bought to fit my shoulders and taken in at the waist) and sleeveless shell tops seem to work the best. Single button blazers are good but I feel frumpy in them and would desperately love to suit biker style jackets but they make me very shoulder-y.

If you have this shape I'd love to know what you've found works for you, especially tops. Thanks in advance!

Walnut8 Sun 16-Mar-14 10:57:31

I have your shape but bigger boobs. Embrace it, there is nothing wrong with broad shoulders.

Having said that, I lean towards round or vneck tops and blouses, never halternecks or high neck tops. Sheer sleeves are good too.

But to be honest, your figure sounds great. You are hourglass not pear?

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