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is there any such thing as decent false nails, really need to stop bitting my nails

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diamondlizard Sun 16-Mar-14 09:06:09

used to bite my nails as a child, stoped when i was about 21 afetr having false nails for 2-3 months

and ive started again tried everything to stop bitter paint, filing right down and i just cant seem to break the habit

so need to stop

Justyou Sun 16-Mar-14 09:19:41

Try a gel nail kit you can do at home - I ve started using one and it's fab. It's a plasticky type coating so you realise and can't bite absentmindedly.
It's on offer at boots at min £49 but getting done professionally was costing £25 a time and I think kit does 10 applications then you just get top ups as needed for your kit.

TickleMyTitsTillFriday Sun 16-Mar-14 09:53:57

I have just stopped biting mine op. I just make sure they are painted, it just isn't the same then. Try that before spending a fortune!

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