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The Pretty Dress Company.. Any experiences?

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jumperooo Fri 14-Mar-14 21:52:26

I like the look of this, though would probably need to have it taken up at the hem a bit.

Any experiences of these dresses? I'm not sure their photos do them justice to be honest.

It would be for me to get married in, a very low key registry office affair!

If not this brand, any other ideas in a similar shape/style?? Don't want a "wedding dress".

jumperooo Fri 14-Mar-14 21:52:55

Doinmummy Fri 14-Mar-14 22:01:28

I've got a couple of these dresses from this company- I love them. Great fit and good quality

Cristiane Fri 14-Mar-14 22:10:09

I've got four, they are lovely
The sizes are true, not vanity sizing! I think they wear very well

jojack17 Sat 15-Mar-14 13:08:15

Ooh that's gorgeous! I've never heard of the pretty dress co before but methinks I will be ordering soon!

Eastpoint Sat 15-Mar-14 15:49:40

They are Luisa from the last series of The Apprentice's favourite designer. I think they look consistently good on her & look more expensive than their cost. I haven't tried them but I am tempted.

DidoTheDodo Sat 15-Mar-14 17:28:15

I have four of their dresses and I love them. Good quality and flattering. I get lots of compliments whern I wear them.

DidoTheDodo Sat 15-Mar-14 17:29:19

PS I have this style op, but in a cherry print. It is a gorgeous dress.

Financeprincess Sat 15-Mar-14 17:51:23

I've got one of their dresses. I bought it after seeing a picture of (cough) Jodie Marsh in it a couple of years ago (noteworthy because she actually looked chic and modest). It's a lovely style and cut. The fabric isn't fantastic, though.

jumperooo Mon 17-Mar-14 15:24:24

Ok thanks. Any thoughts on their sizes? From their measurement chart I'm between a 10 and 12.

Also, any ideas on what shoes etc to wear with it?

HappyGirlNow Mon 17-Mar-14 15:43:41

I bought a cream Bardot dress. It was nice but a bit old for me so I returned it registered post. Approx10 days after they received it back I hadn't even had notification from them that they'd received it and would refund. So I emailed them and quickly got an email back apologising and saying they'd refund in next 24-48 hours. Days later still nothing so I called and got an apology for delay as they'd had 'loads of returns' and they'd refund that day. It was a paypal payment direct from my account so would show straight away. Close of business next day I called again, asked to speak to a manager and eventually got my refund. Almost 3 weeks after they got the dress back!

sweetheart Mon 17-Mar-14 16:55:54

I have ordered from them before. I didn't like the fabric, really starchy and rigid and very expensive to boot. They were also terrible with my refund and I had to chase them up.

DidoTheDodo Mon 17-Mar-14 17:04:16

I've got all mine from brandalley as they are a lot cheaper there (I think mine cost between £22 - £30)

nicecupofteaplease Mon 17-Mar-14 18:27:47

I am going to go against the consensus here and say I thought the quality was awful. I ordered a dress that looked like a 'with lycra' dress you'd find on a market stall in the 1990s. I sent it back and had to chase for weeks to get a refund. Would never order from them again.

ocelot41 Mon 17-Mar-14 18:43:02

It looks beautiful. Please let me how you get on OP. I have spotted something else I like on their sits that I like!

jumperooo Tue 18-Mar-14 14:43:06

Going off PDC a bit after reading some of these comments :-/

Have just seen this. Any thoughts??

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