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Footwear suggestions after injury please?

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bettabella Fri 14-Mar-14 10:53:22

Help please!! Does anyone have any recommendations of good shoes/trainers to wear after injury.
I have injured my knees in the past couple of years, torn ligaments in my ankle and fractured my foot in Dec (not sports-related injuries).
I need to find some comfortable and supportive shoes to wear in spring/summer, but ones that look nice and stylish, rather than clumpy/frumpy (some of which have resorted me to tears as they look so bad!)
I wear ballet flats to work, so am looking for more casual ideas for the weekends, I tend to wear skinny jeans/tshirts, or 3/4boyfriend jeans so ideally want to find something which looks stylish,but ticks the "stylish yet practical" box!

positively9something Sat 15-Mar-14 19:40:03

How about sketchers?

I had torn ligaments in my anole this time last year and I bought sketchers trainers which were really comfortable. And I bought sketchers shoes I think air walk? They are comfortable and very light on the feet.

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