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Are these ok for a non-stiletto/court shoe wearer?

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CuntyBunty Fri 14-Mar-14 08:57:17

Big Party coming up and I will be wearing this

I just don't "do" stiletto/court shoes. I like funky wedges: would these go?

I am thinking of wearing fishnets too.

FoxyHarlow123 Fri 14-Mar-14 09:03:59

One word. NO!

MrsJoeHart Fri 14-Mar-14 09:04:39

It's not a choice I would make. I really don't think wedges do go with that dress.

Catsmamma Fri 14-Mar-14 09:06:04

oooh my eyes.

Ugly shoes, bad bad wicked ugly shoes!

Elsiequadrille Fri 14-Mar-14 09:07:43

I don't think they go very well with the dress.

Orangeanddemons Fri 14-Mar-14 09:08:12

I think peep toe wedges would go with that dress, but not those monstrosities you've linked to

Catsmamma Fri 14-Mar-14 09:10:41

a simple pair of pumps would be far better if you cannot do heels.

I'd go black and maybe a slim ankle strap for a higher wedge I think.

BobPatSamandIgglePiggle Fri 14-Mar-14 09:14:08 how about we try to help op then?

CuntyBunty Fri 14-Mar-14 09:14:36

OK, that's fairly universal then.

Cats, aren't "pumps" court shoes? I don't want flats either.

CuntyBunty Fri 14-Mar-14 09:15:16

Thanks Bob, but they aren't my style.

DaftSkunk Fri 14-Mar-14 09:15:30

I don't think they're very nice op sorry.

What about these wedges?

CuntyBunty Fri 14-Mar-14 09:16:30

They are "lady lady" court shoes to me, Daft. Oh dear. This is going to be difficult.

PoisonousCentipede Fri 14-Mar-14 09:17:38

I don't think they go with the dress - too casual. Have you had a look on the Jones Bootmaker site? They had quite a lot of wedges in the sale section.

CuntyBunty Fri 14-Mar-14 09:17:52

I need a strap over the top, otherwise they'll fly off or have me scrunching my feet to keep them on.

BobPatSamandIgglePiggle Fri 14-Mar-14 09:18:27 here float your boat?

evelynj Fri 14-Mar-14 09:21:28

There are some decent wedges in clarks. I like the fly ones but not with that dress

Try new look also-they have comfy wedge/heels

Also, I'd go nude, brown, cream or navy & maybe match some accessories

DaftSkunk Fri 14-Mar-14 09:26:35

Any of these any good?

CuntyBunty Fri 14-Mar-14 09:27:53

No to Irregular choice: they are to detailed for me. Some of the Clarkes ones are ok, but I worry they cross the line from funky into frumpy. I am going to have to give in and get some spikes, aren't I?

My look is slightly quirky/punk, rather than girly. I am a dyed bright red hair/lots of eyeliner type person. Not what you'd call classic or classy grin.

CuntyBunty Fri 14-Mar-14 09:30:41

Arrgh, DaftSkunk, I like the £300 ones on the link you just showed me, they are very "me", I just need them cheaper. Thanks though, you've given me some ideas and inspiration. Can I wear my fishnets with peep toes?

You are all being very patient with me. I am grateful.

BobPatSamandIgglePiggle Fri 14-Mar-14 09:32:35

daimbardiva Fri 14-Mar-14 09:33:55

Yes, peep toes with fishnets fine. You could look for some funky mary jane type shoes w block heels rather than spikes?

Catsmamma Fri 14-Mar-14 09:34:59

...i meant ballet pumps, court shoes always have a heel to my mind?

Not in the green though

I love these....I'm not sure they balance with the dress?

love these too, but are you bare leg ready?

CuntyBunty Fri 14-Mar-14 09:41:06

I have slim ankles and chunky cyclists calves, so an ankle strap will make me look like I should have "New Zealand" stamped all over me...

How about some kitten heeled leopard or zebra pint shoes with a strap across. If I could find something like that, would that go?

You are going to hate me. I am going start another thread in a minute, in S&B, about hair dos.

FoxyHarlow123 Fri 14-Mar-14 09:50:37

Animal print goes lovely with red.

CuntyBunty Fri 14-Mar-14 09:54:52

Ok, Foxy, with as NN like that I don't doubt you. I will have a look and get back to you all, so you can shout "no" at me, or hopefully, "yes". Can't believe my original choice was so unanimously advised again.

Thanks everyone.

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