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Hair and make-up to go with this cocktail dress?

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LauraAshleyDuvetCover Fri 14-Mar-14 00:37:26

I've just bought this dress for a dance, and it looks really lovely on (and was a bargain!).

But, I'm not quite sure how's best to do my hair and make-up. So please help me with suggestions, pictures, links to tutorials offers to come and put my hair up and do my make up anything really!

I want my hair up really, as it has a v-back which is hidden with my hair loose. It's quite 50s/early 60s isn't it? So maybe a french pleat with the top a bit backcombed? My hair's reddy-brown, about bra strap length, and there's an awful lot of it if you have any other suggestions.

I have no clue whatsoever about make-up though, so any help with that would really be appreciated. I don't know whether to focus on eyes or lips. I'm thinking liquid eyeliner with a bit of a flick, pale eyeshadow and pink lips, but might be completely wrong!

Justinepants Fri 14-Mar-14 11:19:53

That's a lovely dress.
A french pleat sounds good then you could wear some striking earrings.

I'm bumping this for you in the hope that someone who knows far more about hair and make up will come along.

LauraAshleyDuvetCover Fri 21-Mar-14 15:49:09

Hopeful bump, as the dance is tomorrow.

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