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Cream blushers

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Used2bthin Thu 13-Mar-14 20:03:31

I think this may be the answer to me looking better quickly (after a long journey for example) but not carrying too much stuff around with me.

Any recommendations ? I have no7 but the colour is actually not great on me and they didnt have many options.

McFlurry Thu 13-Mar-14 20:04:51

NARS Multiple stick.

Piscivorus Thu 13-Mar-14 20:04:59

Bobbi Brown make nice ones that blend easily and give a nice fresh glow. Good range of shades too

Used2bthin Thu 13-Mar-14 20:08:41

Ooh thank you, I will google them. We don't have stockists for either anywhere locally to try them but I may be able to work out colours and order online

Babaraella Thu 13-Mar-14 20:14:35

Bourjois now do a cream one which is meant to adjust to your skintone. I don't know if that really happens but on me it's white a light rosy pink. Seems to last quite well too.

MUA from superdrug do good ones too.

Both quite cheap.

ZacharyQuack Thu 13-Mar-14 20:17:44

Revlon do nice cream blush. Go for the brighter colours, they're very sheer when applied. Stila and Bobbi Brown are lovely too.

TripTrapTripTrapOverTheBridge Thu 13-Mar-14 20:23:35

Bobbi Brown is fab.

Barbara Daly isn't bad either.

Or try a tint ie Benefit posietint or benetint

Lambzig Thu 13-Mar-14 20:25:02

Clarins every time. They have just relaunched and I use them as blusher and a subtle eyeshadow. Sounds weird but it works.

Used2bthin Thu 13-Mar-14 20:41:26

Lots of suggestions thank you! I will have a look at the bourgeois one, can also look at revlon and Mua but don't have stila here either (I live in a touristy city but shopping is unbeleiveably rubbish here)

I used to have benetint but it was a bit red toned , I will look again at posie tint though. Is Barbara daly tescos?

We have Clarins counters so I can have a look at the too. Thanks all!

PinkandTwinkly Thu 13-Mar-14 21:07:22

I really like the diddy Max Factor pots (I think. Miracle Touch)
The pink i have is lovely, and really makes my face look a awake.

Used2bthin Fri 14-Mar-14 09:05:09

Will look at max factor thanks, I think I had discounted them as I seem not to be able to wear their colours very often.

SELondonSwede Sat 15-Mar-14 07:14:37

I have abit of a fetish for cream blush and I would also recommend the max factor one for a newbe. You can then play about with it without spending a fortune. They are often on deals at boots or superdrug. There are some great tutorials on youtube for tips on application.

muser31 Sat 15-Mar-14 07:25:04

i have had many comments on my cream blusher its mua £1 can't do better than that!

knitknack Sat 15-Mar-14 07:37:03

I have loads of cream clusters including bobbi brown and illumasqua etc but the one I'm reaching for the most at the moment is the new rimmel tube! £2.99! There's a lovely natural pink flush or an equally nice coral. Apply with a real techniques face brush - it's brilliant smile

knitknack Sat 15-Mar-14 07:37:37

Blushers... I have no clusters (how very dare you autocorrect)

VarsityQueen Sat 15-Mar-14 08:26:51

I like the Liz Earle cream blush, I've got the Nude shade

Housewife2010 Sat 15-Mar-14 12:30:23

I like Bobbi Brown Por Rouge in Pretty Powerful. I would not have chosen the colour - it came in a palette, but it's very wearable & I would rebuy.

Used2bthin Sat 15-Mar-14 12:30:27

Thank you everyone, had to go to the bank today and couldn't resist the Clarins counter on the way back, got a cream blusher in peach which is a nice spring like shade but I still would like a brighter pink one for when I feel the need for less natural a look!

Mua sounds excellent value for money I will try that when I next get to superdrug and may try a Rimmel too (and then try not to buy any more for a bit !) I am forever buying red lipsticks and rarely actually wear them so am going to try and be a bit more sensible with blushers...

Millyblods Sat 15-Mar-14 13:54:23

Another Boujoir fan here

Millyblods Sat 15-Mar-14 13:57:41


noddyholder Sat 15-Mar-14 14:14:51

Dandelion powder bourjois

Millyblods Sat 15-Mar-14 14:26:38

Is it Boujois or Benefit Noddy grin

noddyholder Sat 15-Mar-14 14:51:27

grin sorry! Benefit and powder not cream so ignore me

HollaAtMeBaby Sat 15-Mar-14 16:36:46

Anyone tried the Clinique Blushwear stick? I am quietly coveting this at present...

Used2bthin Sun 16-Mar-14 09:27:39

I haven't but I want that Clinique one too now, great reviews!

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