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Foundation colour matching help please... I'm between a dawn and Fresco in double wear

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DoYonisHangLow Thu 13-Mar-14 12:08:44

Sorry, I know there have been tons of foundation questions recently blush

I used to wear bare minerals but since I bought the compact powder I've been so dissapointed with them, it just sits in my pores and lines and makes me look all creased! I like double wear but I can't seem to get the right shade, the Dawn is a tad too pale and pinkish but the dawn is a tad too orangey confused. I've been reading some of the foundation threads and I'm temped to go for a different brand, maybe the revlon one or max factor creme one in a pot but really unsure as to which colour to go for. I do the whole putting it on a bare face and looking in the sunlight thing but always always seem to get it a shade wrong. Maybe I just have odd colour skin.

Any tips?

Also, while I'm here, what's the difference between a BB cream and a primer? If I get one do I wear both or is a Bb cream instead of a primer and then you wear foundation over the top? <clueless>

DidoTheDodo Thu 13-Mar-14 12:25:37

Thank goodness someone else has had that problem with bre minerals. I thought it was just me. It settled in all my creasy bits too.

I am between two shades of foundation and just mix a blob of each together on my hand before applying to my face. this has the advantage of me being able to change the colour depending on the seasons - I am very pale in the winter, bit more freckly in the summer. Experiment with what you've already got until you are a mixing expert!

DoYonisHangLow Thu 13-Mar-14 12:30:11

See that's what I'm doing ATM but I'm not spending over £50 replacing both colours. Though could maybe justify it with a cheaper brand.

flouncymcflouncerson Thu 13-Mar-14 12:36:18

I've worn both bare minerals or double wear for years but found in a lot of pics I looked grey in the double wear. I've just switched to no 7 beautiful matte and they colour matched me with their device thingy and it's great! Like double wear but way cheaper! Good range of colours too and many different varieties

NoGoatsToe Thu 13-Mar-14 12:40:31

There's that Findation website which you could try for colour matching different brands.

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